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  1. Hi Ignacio did you try to move the pivot in comp 3D to the head in you Background? when the pivot is in the center of the area you want to track than all the tracking attributes are correct. Rotation and X and Y should work correctly. hope it helps Yoav
  2. Hi there Jan try to use the lut inside colorgrade vector. There you can change opacity very easy. And can use it for even more creative work like use it on luma only. Or whatever. you can always build a preset that can be saved at the global preset folder. which use non linear mix with dummy. hope it helps Yoav
  3. Hi There Jan the unicolor doesn't use tone mapping. so if you would like you can use the Aces ODT to transform. Cheers Yoav
  4. Hi jan one other thing i can think of is to set up the output for render tiff or what ever format is good for you and hit in>out>render when needed. this would save a still of you timeline in to a specified folder of you choice. and you can use hot keys "i" "o" and render. Hope it helps Yoav
  5. +1 I think it can be nice idea. But for now you can try and use Mistika Workflows. Cheers Yoav
  6. Hi Philippe you just need to link the clip the same way you do with any clip. If it has Alfa you will get it in side the clip. you can change the output view to see Alfa or RGBA and use as you need cheers yoav
  7. Hi Jan the small timeline in the color or any fx is not real-time. if you need real-time playback you get it from the timspace. hope it helps Yoav.
  8. Here is a rain FX i did some time ago you can play with the blur params on the Color fx, the noise params for speed of rain drops, and the comp3D for the angels and opacity. cheers Yoav 005_Rain_Mistika.pfx
  9. Hi Adrian Thanks a lot Its Grate idea I'm attaching my 3way strip for now and more to come cheers Yoav 001_Technicolor_3_way_strip.pfx
  10. Hi again if i got your Q when selecting and qualifying a key the selection is called inside. like selection of shape. you can effect and manipulate the inside or the outside the selection. so basically the outside is an invert of the inside. You also have the ability to change it with the tub selection Invert mask, invert HSL or no invert
  11. Hi you should select the shape. you get red points around the shape. and than in the shape tab you change the outside,inside,width, Offset this are the control of the feather. You can also change the points mode to contacted tang and drag the insid or outside of the feather. hope it helps Yoav
  12. This is the support page click the + (Plus) next to the search https://support.sgo.es/support/solutions and strait to ticket page https://support.sgo.es/support/tickets/new
  13. Hi I’m glad the .env worked. For the panel issue I would try and ask the support team. Open a ticket and they probably will have an answer. hope it helps Yoav
  14. look at your .env maybe its save at the autosave folder and not in data folder.
  15. You Should do it youself but you can open project base on your output. like Scope 2048x858 and fit width
  16. HI Cristóbal thanks it dose the trick i was just looking for that invert button from the old version. \cheers yoav
  17. Hi guys I missing few things. I crated a shape like circle. Then did color change to lets say 50% saturation. Now I remove the shape but cannot see the grade. And another thing is I can’t find the invert shape. Its hidden in the menu but not in the shape tub. Thanks Yoav
  18. hi all just wonder about my old workflow. and the new framing embedded in M10 i Used to work with the framing on top of all fx. set to project pad to fit. and i drew shapes on the original size of the media. so when changing Mconfig from HD to UHD for example i would always keep my shape at the correct position. now when working on the new embedded framing i loss my shape position. am i wrong? or need to adopt to another workflow?
  19. Hi ilia Chanel fx gives you All the options of mixing Chanels it’s at the bottom left. in the Fx tab. Boolean fx. Hope it helps. Yoav
  20. Hi Jeff I can answer few of your questions. Q2- I don’t think it’s a good idea. Maybe as per user choice. But for me slot of times it’s very helpful to make sure I’m in the correct mic fig and choosing the correct seq/env. Because of versions and or working on episodes. Q3- if you look at the source monitor there is a menu button. In there you can press live video. It will send the signal from source monitor to output video card. Q4 - if You press H it will hide this layer and shift H will get it back.you can also press on the eval tree the eye icon it will do the same. Q8- you have reset button next to every parameter. And you also have mute for each operator. Hope it help cheers Yoav.
  21. Hi Jan to my understanding the pivot is basically represent the black and white point. So if you change gamma and play with pivot black or white you will see the Chang. Not sure about the math. In the up coming version it will be more user friendly. cheers yoav
  22. Yoav Raz

    ACES and Bands

    Hi Jan did you try changing the ranges at the tub after bends? not so familiar with ACES but that tub changes the way mistika behave at the bends. hope it helps Yoav
  23. Hi there mail18 i think this is the place to use mistika workflows. I know that on the linox platform you just choose you DPX file right click> “action” >change to tiff or jpg or png? I think mistika workflows is easy way. cheers Yoav
  24. Yoav Raz

    Color Picker?

    Hi Jan Just checked it on mac its Command Middle Click on image and To Get it away you Have o press Command And Double click Outside of the image canvas. Hope it Helps Yoav
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