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  1. Hi Melanie I wonder when you will release a version fixing al the bugs that we have on the VR workflow and I have reported on the last months... And, of course Mac users need a M1/2 updated version ASAP thanks
  2. I have sent several bug reports to support (Daniel) about the Mac version... some of them made the workflow slow on Mac... I have a big project ahead and can you give a hint on when a new version "Mac Proof" will be ready?? gracias
  3. thanks, I have tried but, no... I guess something is wrong ...
  4. I'm trying to move a graphic over a video following the head movement of a person,,, the graphic is a image which is smaller than the background video and I compose it with a Comp3d The problem is that when I track the head on the video and I apply it to the image, it didn't work well, first because the position of the image is reset to 0 (but I can fix moving the curves) but the issue is that only works with position X and Y if I try to apply rotation or size it doesn't match at all any idea??
  5. I just tried it... it works, only what is the gamma curve for hte Obsidian?
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