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  1. Hi Elliot I'm sorry to hear your having troubles to download the software. I would kindly ask you to open a ticket on our Support Portal and our technical team will be more than happy to help you out. This is the fastest and easiest way to get your problem solved. Simply click on "New support ticket" in the upper right corner and provide details of the issue. Kind regards,
  2. Mistika VR 10.2 is now available Hi everyone, We have released an upgraded version of Mistika VR, introducing exciting new features with enhanced stabilization, performance boost, expanded rendering capabilities and additional camera presets. Here is the complete list of new features, and improvements made to this new version: New Features: KanDao Obsidian Gyroscope (IMU, Inertial Motion Unit) stabilization is now supported. KanDao QooCam 8k Gyroscope (IMU, Inertial Motion Unit) stabilization is now supported. Teche 360Anywhere Gyroscope (IMU, Inertial Motion Unit) stabilization is now supported. The IMU interpretation algorithm was considerably improved, and should provide a much more stable result view. Follow overall heading option was added for the IMU import, to choose between keeping an absolute orientation or keeping the overall camera heading, Steadicam style. Rolling shutter compensation support. This improves the results when stabilization is applied in post together with stitching. Applies to both imported gyro(IMU) stabilization and stabilization based on image analysis. Render now allows multiple options for output media naming. Interactive performance and playback speed on Windows is hugely improved. Typically, 2-3x faster when Optical Flow is not activated. Render speed on Windows may improve considerably for renders without Optical Flow (most of VR180 or preliminary VR360 renders). PTGui .pts import now accepts lenses in rectilinear mode. New presets: Insta360 One X2 Teche 360Anywhere LabPano Pilot Era and PilotOneEE presets added (video and still) ZCam K2 with iZugar MX200 ZCam K2 with Laowa 4mm Fixed bugs and minor improvements: Improved playback speed and playback frame rate up to 10x now in Windows. The parameters now correctly accept a new value when typing it for the first time. The “follow overall heading” toggle now displays the correct state when the toggle value is changed. The sliders now properly display the value in Windows. Custom Frame Rate Editor now allows decimals. The pull-down menu for the tools is now visible. Ctrl+ C and Ctrl+V now work correctly with color correction values. The Color Picker now shows the correct values when switching from/to Proxy mode. Output to rectilinear or fisheye view now allows a wider view angle, not limited by a crop circle anymore. Resolutions in macOS are now properly displayed. Mistika VR can now properly read the dimensions of the still image. Vuze preset is now fixed. DNG RAW files are now working correctly in macOS. Mistika VR keeps working properly when all shots are deleted in macOS. Enhanced stabilization when the “follow after frames” number is higher than the distance between the edit marks.
  3. Hi Rakesh Thank you for reaching out. At the moment, the development team is working on improving this feature as is a previous codec and they are working on implementing the new one in the upcoming versions. I hope this helps and please let me know if you have any questions. Best
  4. Hello there! If you are having the same problem, you can reach out to our support team and they will be more than happy to help you. Open a ticket on the SGO Support Portal by simply clicking on "new support ticket" in the upper right corner and provide some details of the issue. Best regards,
  5. Hi Stefano, Many thanks for reaching out and I'm sorry to hear your facing troubles opening Mistika VR. I have just saw that one member of our technical team answer your questions on Facebook. Let me know if you have any other questions. Best,
  6. [RELEASE] Mistika VR 10.1 is now available Hi everyone, We have released a new upgrade of Mistika VR, adding enhanced Insta360 FlowState Stabilization integration, Blackmagic RAW support and additional camera presets. This upgrade is now available to all existing Mistika VR users at no extra cost and can be downloaded from their Online SGO Account. New features: Updated Activation Tool: Improved functionality with a more user-friendly design and Google and Facebook sign-in options. BRAW Codec Support: The Blackmagic RAW codec is now supported in Mistika VR. Improvements: Totally revised support of Insta360 FlowState Stabilization for Pro 2 and Titan cameras. Updated QT libraries for the interface. Updated SDK libraries for R3D files. New Presets: Insta360 One R ZCam K2Pro with IZugar MX200 ZCam K2Pro with Laowa 4mm ZCam V1 at 2880x1524 resolution Fixes: 2799 AMD graphic cards now display the proper image in the Visual Editor 2704 During render, the image in the Visual Editor is not blacked out anymore. 2967 The VR View mode is now deactivated when One shot view mode is activated. 2593 Modified parameters for pull-down menus are now properly highlighted. Special thanks to David An-Jie Zhang for providing the footage that helped the SGO development team to improve the Insta360 FlowState metadata support. ☺️ ?
  7. Hi Mark, Many thanks for reaching out and for using Mistika VR - much appreciated. The fastest way to help you out is by opening a ticket on our Support Portal. Our technical team will assist you shortly. Simply click on "New Support Ticket" in the upper right corner. Regards,
  8. Hi all, A new upgrade of Mistika 10 is now available for Mistika Boutique and Ultima, providing Blackmagic RAW support, brand new color tools and other improvements that greatly enhance the creative process and improve color workflow productivity. This release is already available in the Downloads section of your Online SGO Account. New features: BRAW Codec Support: The Blackmagic RAW codec is now supported on Mistika Boutique, both for Windows and macOS, and Mistika Ultima for Linux, fully supporting ACES workflow with BRAW. *The Blackmagic Design Film curve is not supported in this version. New Hexagon Mixer tool: New Hexagon-shaped vectorscope added to the Fixed Vectors tab allows precise control of Hue and Saturation of the R, G, B, C, M and Y chrominance and hexagon sliders controlling the luminance. Every modification made in the Hexagon Mixer is also reflected in the Sliders to avoid any redundant operation. This functionality has been added to the Trackballs of Tangent Panels. Both of the hexagon mixer tools can also be displayed as a floating window and can be resized at users preferences. New Channel Mixer: Another tool added in the Fixed Vectors tab, enabling ultimate control of the R, B, B channels values in R, B, B, C, M and Y chrominance. Every modification made in the Channel Mixer is being reflected in the Sliders as well. This functionality has been added to the Tangent Panels, being set on new banks of the Knobs. New Corner Pin in Comp3D: New tool added to the Comp3D node, allowing much easier and faster use of the Corner Pin to adjust the corners of an image to any background. Mistika Workflows Watchfolder added to the Add To Render Queue options. Mistika Workflows is capable now to act as the main background render manager of Mistika Boutique. Users can now send RNDs from Mistika Boutique to a Watch Folder in Mistika Workflows, enabling to render the media directly with the Mistika Render node. Improvements: New Parameter added in the Import Media Options of the SetUp. The default framing mode can now be set in the “Default result size” option when importing media: Project, Input or Live. Improved responsiveness of the Tangent when two or more scopes are opened. New preset pivots added: New presets are added on the Pivot Scopes, for selecting automatically the Shadow, Midtone and Highlight pivots. Available and added in the Tangent panels. New parameters added on the Color Grade Set-Up: 1. Trackball Color Information: It can be decided whether to choose the RGB Values or a Color Box. 2. The Saturation of the Color Grade GUI can be modified at user preferences. New preset ranges added: New presets are added to the Ranges, for selecting automatically the Shadow, Midtone and Highlight ranges. Available and added to the Tangent panels. Updated FFmpeg and SDK Nvidia libraries for Windows. The latest Nvidia drivers for your graphics card model must be updated for the Mp4 Nvidia codec to work properly. New effects and Macros functionalities available in the Tangent Mapper application. Most used Macros are now assigned to the Framing menu of the Bt1 in Tangent Control Panels. Fixed bugs and minor improvements: 2947 Keyframes created in the embedded params of the shots are now properly displayed in the Timeline of the Visual Editor. 2973 Trimming animation options are now fixed. 2914 The Qualifier in Color Grade can now be properly locked. 2792 CTRL + Z command is now working correctly with Framing. 2997 The Play option is now working properly when the video is muted. 3005 Tracker points can now be deleted correctly by pressing Delete on the keyboard. 3009 The VR mode is now displayed properly when the Stereo 3D mode is activated. 2950 The Zoom buttons of the Keygraph are now properly shown. 2959 The focus of the Playback is now fixed when clicking on the Color Tools. 3004 The CTRL+Z command in the Tracker’s menu is now working correctly. 2962 The Storyboard settings remain when changing sessions. 3000 Improved behavior of Audio in Movie option export. 2986 Clips are now properly updated when moving around the timeline when the muted video option is activated. 2709 The drop-down menus are now displayed correctly on two monitors at resolutions bigger than HD. 2935 Improved render on cache render with Dual Link and YUV10. 2936 Playback of cached nodes with Stereo3D now working properly. 2944 Improved behaviour of the OFX plugin NeatVideo. 3025 Tangent panels buttons PREV SB, NEXT SB, PREV LIB and NEXT LIB are now working correctly. 3027 The TC now updates properly when rolling the wheel for the Timeline job in the Tangent panel. 3041 Can not see Tracking Point in Keyframe Graph. The Tracking Point can now be seen in the Keyframe Graph. 2919 The red lines for the level of black and white are now displayed correctly. 2966 Fixed behaviour of the VR goggles button. 3055 The undo shortcut now works properly in the embedded Framing and the FX Framing in macOS. 3038 The Gangs now remember the position. 3035 A feather can now be added to Shapes in the Qualifier Tab of the Color Grade Effect. 2975 A proper outcome is shown when rendering a gap in several codecs and formats. 3054 The animation line is now shown properly in the embedded parameters when scrolling in the Timeline. 2951 The EXR label params now display “EXR params”. 3052 The keyframe graph now displays the animation from the embedded params. 3069 The LUT 3D pull-down menus now open the 3DLUT folder by default. 3018 The output audio channels are now 2 by default. 3093 Storyboard’s hotkeys are now correctly working in Windows. 3039 Create Shape “C” Shortcut is now working properly in Windows and macOS. 3065 Improved the Color Pick Analysis Tool when Framing is set in Input mode in macOS. 3110 Display Filters remains when conforming an EDL from .RND files. 3065/3066 The Color Pick Analysis Tool is now working properly when Input or Proxy mode are selected, plus proper analysis when working in Stereo views. 2909 Default mapping in the Tangent Mapper is now properly locked. 3148 Improved behaviour of the scopes. 3183 The recovery mode does not change to source when the vector is changed. 3194 The qualifier now works correctly in Proxy mode. 3115 Shapes are now shown properly when the keyframe graph is open. 2838 The zoom with arrow keys in the Visual Editor is now working properly in macOS. 3067 Snapshot now works properly in combination with Source Res Activated. 3185 Deform FX group tab names now shown correctly. 3178 The embedded parameters are now correctly included in the Match & Paste functionality. 3199 Improved visualization of the Color Grade Curves. 3184 The Enter key now correctly creates history. 3177 Effects can now be edited correctly on vertical stacks with different durations. 3200 The Edit>Setup option now displays properly. 3212 All of the lines of the Editable Text window are now visible. 3158 The Grade Inside can now be properly copied into the Grade Outside. 3147 Improved functionality of the monitor with nodes with different lengths. 3145 British mode is now available for the color grande and Tangent panels. 3205 Fixed Prekey Blur of the Qualifier in the Color Grade node. 3146 Shapes can now be copied including the grade in the Vector. 3187 Printer lights shortcut is now working correctly. 3107 8K signal output now working properly in Mistika Ultima and Boutique. 3211 All the fonts display properly now when GUI Scaling is activated. 3191AVC INTRA codec support fixed. (24/11/20) Maintenance Release 10.1.1 fixed bugs and minor improvements: Fixed playback with Blackmagic video boards when working with 23,978, 29.97 and 47.95 fps timelines respectively. Installation process adapted to the latest Windows security measures update. (23/12/20) Maintenance Release 10.1.2: Improvements: Tangent: Black and White labelling changed to “Lift” and “Gain” to mirror Color GUI. New functions mapped: Track Both Ways, Track BW, Track FW, Autokey, Add key and Delete key buttons were added. Qualifier label “Select” changed to “Hue” for better understanding. Fixed bugs & minor improvements: 3244 “Solo” mode is now working properly in the Color Grade Curves. 3264 Audio in movie can now be properly rendered. 3249 Printer Steps and Temperature and Tint can now be refreshed correctly when working in Offset or Contrast mode. 3286 Improved decoding an IMF jpeg200. 3252 The Phantom media’s fps is now recognized correctly in Mistika Boutique. Fixed the js file when capturing clips with free mode (8K). 3236 The Eye Bypass button in the Color Grade node now does not create a Keyframe when the AutoKey is selected. 3246 Scopes now correctly recover its position when launching Mistika Boutique. 3288 Improved performance when working with Wacom with the Scopes open. Streaming plugin issues fixed, allowing YUV420 jpg. 3286 Dolby Mezzanine render format working properly. Last History button in Tangent now properly opens the latest History created in the Storyboard. Known issue: Mistika Workflows does not render Title and Vector Paint effects included in Mistika Boutique’s RNDs. Labeling with the White point in the Pivot scope of Primaries. When navigating between shots, the label shows 50, even though it may be another value. However, the feature works correctly regardless of the labelling issue. Tangent: Out of the security purposes, the latest mapping used is not overwritten when a new version is installed. In order to obtain the latest improvements in the mapping, the selected mapping has to be changed to the “Default mapping”, locked in the Tangent Mapping software. We also recommend creating a New user with this latest new version update. Tangent: sometimes a double tap is needed to properly navigate between the Color Grade modes. DVO tools: Sapphire FX does not work when combined with DVO Tools DVO Clarity does not refresh new color gradings changes properly DVO Effects turn Alpha Channel Completely Black These three issues can be fixed with the following workaround: Go to configuration file: Windows: C:\ProgramData\Digital Vision\Ofx\dvo.config Linux: /opt/digitalvision/ofx/dvo.config Mac: /Library/Application Support/Digital Vision/Ofx/dvo.config Look for the parameter Allow Merge (m), remove the # before the m and set it to 1. The lines should look: # Allow merge - normally it would be enabled, but disabled until fully verified m=1
  9. Hi all, Vote for your favourite feature to be added to Mistika Workflows! Community’s feedback is essential to make Mistika Technology better every day, so SGO invites all users and industry professionals to let us know which feature they would like to see implemented in future releases of Mistika Workflows. This Survey contains three questions only and will not take more than two minutes to complete. GET STARTED Thank you for your collaboration!
  10. [RELEASE] Mistika Workflows 10.1 is now available Hi all, a new upgrade of Mistika Workflows is now available, bringing improved functionality enhancements with an even greater flexibility and customization of media management, transcoding and delivery processes. This upgrade can already be found in the Downloads section of your Online SGO Account. This version is available at no extra cost to all Mistika Workflows active users as a part of the SGO Loyalty Rewards Program. New features: New DCP packages (megapacks) node added New hierarchy functionality for rendering New Set Display Filter node option included “Save In Library” option added to python Node’s menu Drop Files support added into Python Nodes Watcher delayed trigger updated to support megapacks Fixes: 2981 Set “none” in Set Display Filter node is now fixed. 3014 The Python nodes now call the isReady function when changing properties. 2994 The copy node is now working properly with single media files in Windows. 3007 Transcoding a file with 16 audio channels generated in Mistika Boutique to H264 is now working correctly. 3016 Improved the label of the main menu “Help”. 2988 Files can now be properly removed from the Watcher node’s directory. 2984 The Watcher node now properly renders files from the current directory. 2995 Improved the Copy node when rendering a single media file in macOS and Linux. 2996 The Sony RAW properties are now displaying correctly in macOS and Linux. 3024 Enhanced the render when an image sequence task node is linked to a copy node in macOS. 3015 Source metadata is now properly found in the renders. [OPEN BETA] Improvements: Add include/exclude filters to Folder Node. Render Log changed to use Time Sort by default. Write “From Input” instead of 0 in Properties that need input information such as fps or resolution. Audio In/Out label changed for clarity. Color Space node label renamed for clarity. Transcoders audio default value for movies changed to "InMovie". Fixes: 2625 Projects are now properly saved when working on the macOS Catalina version. Enhanced Watcher when working with files. Fixes in macOS: 2941 Improved the Copy node when copying a recursive tree. 2957 The Reduce factor from the Preferences Menu is now fixed. 2939 The Node properties now match correctly with node properties in the Preference Panel. Known Issues: Mistika Workflows not working properly when setting "none" in the Set Display Filter node. The Watcher node only renders the files from the first render. The Watcher node stops working correctly when the files in its directory are removed. The Copy node copies all the folder hierarchy when trying to copy only one file and it duplicates subfolders when you copy a folder tree. Drag and drop is not working with R3D files in macOS. R3D node does not recognize the R3D files if you search them with the directory field in macOS.
  11. [MAINTENANCE RELEASE] Mistika Workflows 10.0.2 is now available Hi all, A new upgrade of Mistika Workflows is now released and it can already be found in the Downloads section of your Online SGO Account. This version is available at no extra cost to all Mistika Workflows active users as a part of the SGO Loyalty Rewards Program. New Features: New: Mistika.classes now extended to expose CworkflowsMgr, Cworkflow, CrenderTasks and Cpython Fixes: 2931 The “Move” node is now fixed. 2941 The “Copy” node is now properly working when copying directory trees. 2938 The Frame.io node is now displayed with the correct color. 2939 The node properties are now correctly displayed in the preferences/Nodes of the Preferences Panel. 2945 The Cbaseitem→ info function now does properly output to render log.
  12. Hi all, SGO invites all Mistika users to take part in Mistika Workflows Survey and share their feedback on SGO's first dedicated media management, transcoding and delivery application. This survey contains eight questions and should not take more than 3 minutes to complete. GET STARTED Your feedback is essential to make Mistika Technology even better every day. Thank you for your collaboration! Your SGO Team
  13. Hi all, SGO invites all Mistika users to take part in Mistika 10 Survey and give their feedback on its all-new Color GUI and other exciting new features including the DVO Tools for Mistika. This survey contains nine questions only and should not take more than 4 minutes to complete. GET STARTED Your feedback is essential to make Mistika Technology even better every day. ? Thank you for your collaboration! Your SGO Team
  14. [MAINTENANCE RELEASE] Mistika Workflows 10.0.1 is now available Hi all, An upgraded version of Mistika Workflows is now available and it can already be found in the Downloads section of your Online SGO Account. As usual, this version is available at no additional cost to all Mistika Workflows active users as a part of the SGO Loyalty Rewards Program. New Features: New: Initial help changed to updated Mistika Workflows User Manual: https://www.sgo.es/doc/workflows/ Fixes: 2907 Set ColorSpace is now properly working with R3D RAW files. 2905 Nvidia H265 Display Filter is now correctly positioned for consistency. 2898 Several preferences values are now added. Known issues: 2931: “Move” node execution error fixed in Windows & macOS. 2941: “Copy” node randomly reporting an error when copying directory trees.
  15. [RELEASE] Mistika Workflows 10 is now available Hi everybody, We have released our first dedicated media management, transcoding and delivery application, Mistika Workflows. This all-new, smart and affordable software-only solution is designed to facilitate highly efficient, truly productive and fully customized media content production. During the first month of release, we are offering a Special Launch Promotion for the brand-new Mistika Workflows. Everyone subscribing by 31 May 2020 will receive a 30% discount on the first payment to all Mistika Workflows subscription plans and single-use licenses using the discount code MWF30 at the checkout. Everybody can try Mistika Workflows completely free of charge by downloading a 30-day Eval version. What is new in this new version: New Features: Set Color Space node: This new feature allows to set the input color space for doing color conversion in combination with the Folder or the Watcher nodes. Fixes: 2882 The FTP node is now working correctly. 2888 The Pix output node now uploads folder trees properly. 2892 Drag and drop a folder, which name is written a low bar, into an Image Sequence task node, the name of the folder is no longer written in the Base Name of the node. 2887 The Frame.io node now uploads folder tress properly. 2889 The render time can now be properly seen when exporting a file with the Pix output node into your Pix account. 2774 Improved the render of Sony RAW files on macOS. 2893 Enhanced color conversion workflow with Watchfolder node. 2895 DNxHR files can now be transcoded correctly in Watcher nodes connected to EXRs files and then rendered into DNxHR.
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