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  1. Hi all, A maintenance release of Mistika Workflows is now available adding some fixes and improvements. You can already access to this version by going to 'My Downloads' section of your Online SGO Account. Fixes: Audio Level correctly proceseed when FX Nodes are part of the workflow Correct TC reading in EXR Sequence with 59,94 fps PQ+D65 colour metadata supported in ProRes node Improvements: Conform Filter node upgraded to be case Insensitive
  2. Hi all, A maintenance release of Mistika Workflows is now available. This upgrade includes enhancements to the Activation Tool for macOS users and other nodes. To download this version, go to the 'Downloads' section of your Online SGO Account. Fixes: Fixed Activation Tool issues in macOS when launching. Fixed processing priority problems for some nodes.
  3. Hi all, A new maintenance release of Mistika Boutique is now available providing new fixes and improvements. This version can now be downloaded from the 'Downloads' section of your SGO Online Account. Improvements: Canon RAW Parameters have now been reorganized to enhance operability. Changed insert 2:3 Pulldown to insert 3:2 Pulldown. Bugs Fixed: Fixed break image playing HD/2K/4K with AJA Fixed memory leak issue when rendering NeatVideo OFX Precision Panel now works correctly with the Shapes Scale Contrast RGB and Gamma RGB now work properly with the Tangent Panels Stereo3D HIT is now correctly derived from project resolution Brush size in VectorPaint is now correctly related to image resolution
  4. Hi all, A new upgrade of Mistika Workflows is now available including a new fix for mac users. This release can now be dowloaded directly from the 'Downloads' section of your SGO Online Account. Fix: Fixed an installer issue that was preventing proper installation on macOS.
  5. Hi all, A new upgrade of Mistika Workflows is now available including some new fixes (Windows & Linux). This release can now be dowloaded directly from the 'Downloads' section of your SGO Online Account. Fixes Fixed support of .mxf ARRI Alexa 35. XDCAM videos located in the “Sub” folder are now not being transcoded.
  6. Hi everyone! The latest release of Mistika VR introduces extended functionality of Mistika VR Connect, adding an array of enhancements tailored specifically to empower creators working with 180º media. In additon, some improvements and new presets has been added to this version. You can now download this latest update directly from the Downloads section of your SGO Online Account. 🙂 New Features VR 180º Mode in Mistika VR Connect. Align Mode added to Mistika VR Connect. Autocalibrate 180º (GUI and Mistika VR Connect). Check out this TUTORIAL. Meta Keyboard added to Mistika VR Connect. Mistika VR Connect is an add-on application for Meta Quest 2 headset. With Mistika VR Connect you’re able to stitch 360º and now 180º VR media directly in Meta Quest 2 headset, using some of the most popular features of Mistika VR. This innovative application allows you to manipulate your stitches to perfection and speeds up feedback cycles by providing (remote) VR output for your clients or team members in real-time. To see how to set up the connection between Mistika VR desktop host application and Mistika VR Connect, see this TUTORIAL. You can get Mistika VR Connect app by clicking GO PLAY. Features included to Mistika VR Connect: Autocalibrate 180º Align Mode Meta Keyboard Mistika VR essentials: Improve Offsets, Improve Angels, Match Color, Match Color in time Color Management, Edge Points, Camera Yaw, Pitch and Roll parameters Camera temperature exposure and tint controls Improvements Loading information in Mistika VR Connect (Windows). Enhanced streaming quality in Mistika VR Connect. New Presets Insta360 OneRS 1 Inch with Leica Lens. KanDao QooCam 3. Bugs Fixed Render Directory can now correctly create two new folders with Tokens. Fixed Quick View mode.
  7. Hi all, An upgraded version of Mistika Workflows is now available including minor fixes and improvements. You can already download this version from the 'Downloads' section of your SGO Online Account. Fixed: DTS preset now correctly displays all available audio channels in the node. RED KOMODO metadata can now be read correctly Fixed xdg-mime error in Linux installer. Improvement: .LRF files support
  8. Hi all, A new version of Mistika Workflows is now available including new features, new nodes and many other improvements. You can already download this version from the 'Downloads' section of your Online SGO Account. New Features: Import/add MWF file. First Frame From added to sequence transcoders. First Frame Number added to sequence transcoders. New RND directory property added to RND File node. Multilayer render formats added to EXR node. Lock option added to the nodes. Bypass option added to the nodes. AV Audio property added to transcoders. Source property added to CDL Grade node. Export CDL property added to transcoders. Extracted CC Files work as SideCar files. New EDL to CC node to extract CDL information from an EDL. New EDL Comparison mode to compare VFX EDLs. ShotGrid Integration. New ShotGrid CSV Reader node to gather information from ShotGrid. Audio Router functionality. Audio Extract functionality. Full Parent Folder token added. EDL Base Name token added. Create Review Link property added to Frame.io node. Retries property added in FTP node. Handles property added to Conform Filter node. Conform Filter trim clips based in/out information in EDL/AAF/XML. Conform Filter extract Locators/Markers and CDL information from EDL/AAF/XML (this information can be applied in the next process). Improvements: Python 3 support added. RAW debayers updated. ffmpeg6 updated. Conform Filter accepts multiple inputs. Reorder tabs option. Output connector added to Frame.io node. MultiTrack Audio added in transcoders. Improved Classify by Metadata node with new options and with better metadata integration. New nodes: ACES ODT. ACES InvODT. Audio Router. Avi MP4. Change Name Convention. Classify By Aspect Ratio. DCP Report. EDL Edit Changes. EDL To CC. EDL To Markers. EDL Reference. Extract Audio Channels. Failed UP. MPEG. MP3. Object Matrix In and Out. OneDrive Out. Quick Prototype. ShotGrid CSV Reader. ShotGrid Create. Tag FPS. UniColor. XML to XLS. WMV. Fixes: Display Filters in Transcode node are now working correctly. LUT 3D in Transcode node is now working properly. Correct writing of TC in Drop Frame EXR Transcoder. RAF Files can now be processed correctly. Global Config is now working correctly. Classify nodes can now be pasted properly. TagFPS node works properly with sequential files. Tokens can now be accurately set. The system automatically detects the spelling even when the tokens are written in capital letters. Enable Frame Range property in transcoder nodes now works correctly. Improved the Export Single Frame menu in sequential files. Edit Metadata node works properly when the “inFile” option is selected. Enhanced Connectors when “classify” nodes are copied.
  9. Hi all, A new upgrade of Mistika Boutique is now available. You can already download this version from the 'Downloads' section of your Online SGO Account. Fix: Fixed ACES ODT in macOs.
  10. Hi Ignacio, Our development team is working hard on the M1 and M2 update, as well as the improvements for the VR workflow. Thank you for your patience. All the best.
  11. Hi all, We have released a new upgrade of Mistika Boutique adding new SDK support and other enhancements. This version is already available in the 'Downloads' section of your Online SGO Account. New SDK Added RED SDK (8.3.1) support to seamlessly integrate with the RED V-Raptor XL camera. Fixes UHD and HD playback with AJA video boards is now working correctly. Fixed reading of the DPX TC. Improved ARRI RAW files performance. Known issue Unable to import ARRI Alexa 35 media files (macOS).
  12. Hi all, A new upgrade of Mistika Boutique is now available to all users adding new SDK's and other improvements. This version is already available in the Downloads section of your Online SGO Account. SDK Updates BRAW SDK 3.0 ARRI SDK 7.0.3 with new HDE Codec Open JPEG 2.5.0 Fixed Bugs: Fixed First Frame Index issue in the Output Panel. Correct TC reading on Canon EOS R5 C RAW files. Fixed functionality of the FX Presets window when maximized. The Edge Build parameter is added back to the Green and Blue screen nodes. Offset X/Y (Framing) now works correctly with Tangent color control panel. ARRI .arx files now read LogC gamma curve in debayer by default. An env. file can now be shared properly from Mac systems to Linux and Windows. Mistika now recognizes the audio in the CRM files correctly.
  13. Hi everyone, A new version of Mistika VR is now available adding a new improvement. You can already find this version in the Downloads section of you SGO Online Account. Bug Fix and Feature Enhancement Resolved issue preventing correct connection to Deo VR due to an incorrect streaming URL. Added copy/paste option, allowing users to conveniently copy and paste the streaming URL.
  14. Hi everyone, A new upgrade of Mistika Boutique is now available adding new updates and improvements. You can already find this version in the 'Downloads' section of your SGO Online Account. SDK Updates ARRI Alexa 35 (Windows and Linux only) Sony VENICE 2 Improvements Dead Pixel detection improved in Phantom RAW files. Fixed Bugs: Display Filter menu's functionality now shows multiple filters correctly. Fixed an issue that caused Display Filters to not display properly on the main GUI. Corrected the behavior of the Gamma Curve within DNG files. Note: The gamma curve no longer affects DNG files unless it is explicitly set. Fixed an issue with rendering the TC when changing FPS. Gamma curve is now read correctly in the Phantom RAW files. Resolved an issue with rendering to 32K EXR RAW RGB Half. Fixed memory leak when applying a denoise effect on top of another denoise effect. Up/Down Arrow controls in Timespace will no longer affect the Visual Editor viewer. The cursor no longer transforms to ↔︎ when clicking the temperature. Mistika can now render vertical resolutions correctly. AAF from Media Composer with R3D files can now be conformed correctly. Fixed a memory leak when rendering with Green Screen FX. Audio EDL files can now be generated properly. Fixed a conforming bug in reverse clips with XMLs. Fixed an issue related with left-clicking on an empty area of the Visual Editor. P2 files of type Audio/Video are now imported correctly. The playback cache is no longer automatically invalidated when editing inside a group. Known bugs: ARRI camera-generated MXF files with ProRes encoding cannot be read correctly. The ArriParams Tint does not work correctly.
  15. Hi there! Create fully automated post-production workflows that will contribute to a better media management with the complete set of features in Mistika Workflows. This template demonstrates how to efficiently filter and organize the contents of a folder based on various criteria. The first step involves filtering the media based on its frame rate (FPS), accepting only 23.98, 24, or 25 FPS. Any media with 30 FPS will be relocated to a separate location, while media with other FPS values will be deleted. Next, an extension filter is applied to the accepted media. Depending on the extension, different debayers are used to ensure accurate color space conversion. The final result is a properly rendered clip in EXR AP0 Linear format. In Mistika Workflows, any folder or multiple folders can be filtered using metadata fields, enabling the creation of customized workflows. This is just an example workflow to streamline media management. You can modify it to fit your needs adding new inputs, tasks and outputs. If you need assistance, please reach out by opening a ticket on SGO Support Portal. Enjoy Mistika Workflows! Media Management.mwf
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