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  1. The current build isn't loading Komodo clips.
  2. Tech support got me back up and running pretty quickly (as usual). I'm discovering that the Kandao camera that I have doesn't apparently record metadata with the video clips, so that part I'm still not sure how to get around. Where should I be looking for the camera presets in Mistika Boutique? Am I going about the stitching the wrong way? My approach was to load the six clips for a single shot into the time space, and then add a VR stitch on top of them. Then I added a VR view on top of that.
  3. Thanks for the pointer. I'll take a look at the video. I had to file a ticket with support yet again (seems it's been every other month for as long as I've been a subscriber) for the defective license server refusing to let me start Mistika though, so I'm dead in the water for the moment ?
  4. I'm working on stitching some VR footage captured using a Kandao Obsidian Go, and being new to doing this, struggling a bit. It seems like the Go doesn't store metadata in its video files, and the Kandao Studio app is also having trouble getting the stitches right. Its stitches have some huge gaps in them, like they're dropping one camera angle or something. That part I pinged Kandao about, but in the mean time does anyone have any advice on getting started with the stitching? Thanks!
  5. That was it, I was working on a new timeline, but not a new project. The raw params are back ? I must have misunderstood, I though the floating windows could be moved off of the desktop. But now that I have the raw parameters figured out and some coffee perking me up I can spend some time today getting familiar with the new color corrector.
  6. Where are the raw parameters? I'm not seeing them anywhere for my Redcode clips. Is there a way to move the scopes to another monitor? It's not letting me drag them off of the main editor window to my 2nd screen.
  7. Here's a short film that I graded in Mistika. It had a little bit of compositing involved as well.
  8. If it weren't for the fact that Resolve panel sales contribute to Resolve's insanely low price, I'd call that lame. ?
  9. You've seen my posts on LGG... you should know I haven't been wasting money on fruit machines ? Does Resolve even use the Tangent mapper? I was under the impression that it didn't, which prevented anyone from updating the mediocre Resolve implementation. I haven't verified yet, but I think that you might be right with that theory. Resolve likes to fake exit, but if I don't go looking for it, I don't see it floating around in the task manager. And while I've had a couple of cases where I spun up Mistika and had to restart it to get it to connect to my panel, that's been rare -- unless I'm going back and forth between Mistika and Resolve. And I haven't run into anything like this bouncing between Mistika and Scratch. It makes Scratch and Mistka a nice pair; Scratch is great for dailies, which Mistika isn't, and I haven't figured out how to automate what I do in Scratch using Workflows yet.
  10. To update... I've found that if I have the Tangent mapper running, Mistika usually connects to the Wave2 on startup... unless I let Resolve connect to the panel in the interim; after that the only thing I've found that enables Mistika to connect to it again is to reboot the computer. Sigh... Scratch and Mistika both work well with the Tangent panel, and I've always thought that Scratch's mapping was quite good... until I got it working with Mistika. Now the Scratch mapping, as deep as it is, feels a lot less elegant ?
  11. Apparently, I have to reboot the machine between Mistika sessions... sigh.
  12. Argh. It worked that one time... not a second time -- now Mistika isn't connecting to the panel at all.
  13. The Tangent mapping is Mistika is phenomenal! Wow. Grading in Mistika just became a lot more fun and a lot easier...
  14. Good news -- I just tried again on a lark, and this time it worked... I have no idea what changed, but the panel is detected in Mistika and working!
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