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Matchbox Shaders Support ?

Aurora Films

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Briefly mentioned in LiftGammaGain today, I would suggest support for Matchbox Shaders in Mistika. Really, is more like extending the GLSL features as in theory the Matchbox code should just work... as far as I know... and briefly tested. The advantage of the Matchbox paradigm is the interface to the effect. Having a customizable GUI for GLSL will be great and I guess Matchbox is just that. There are also a lot of useful shaders out there. 

Possible? Or is there any limitation of the Mistika implementation of GLSL?


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Hi Abel!

Currently, we support OFX plugins like Boris and Saphire FX that may provide you with different effects which could offer quick effect solutions. 

Now, regarding the Matchbox Shader, would like you to provide us some of the files you are using and do not work so we can check the code and make it work?

Thanks a lot for the feedback written in Liftgammagain. It's awesome! As said, keep in touch with us to participate in the feature request survey! ?


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I guess the most common place to look for examples is https://logik-matchbook.org 

Most of them are designed with Autodesk Flame in mind, but here is a video using them in SCRATCH: https://www.assimilateinc.com/matchbox-tutorial/

I really haven't look into this too much, but I look at the examples coming with Mistika and modified the Matchbox Color Matrix to make it work in boutique... really just changed the name of the incoming texture argument. The main thing I  miss from the Matchbox implementation is the GUI.

Thanks for looking into this.

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