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  1. Supernice!! This would really speed the workflow up! Especially when I am grading a big project, with for instance +500 shots and I need to do little tweaks on the primary correction I can race trough the shots. It would also be nice if there was also the option 'select name'. Because then I could name a Vector Layer for instance 'Skintone' and while skipping trough the grades I could do a super fast correction on the already exisiting 'Skintone' Layer. This is just a wild whislist request ?
  2. Is there a way to to tell Mistika what layer should be selected when going from shot to shot in the Color Grade Interface? It would be nice if I had the following options to choose from 1 - First Vector 2 - Last Vector 3 - Same Vector (if for instance Vector layer 3 is selected it keeps at the same level while switching shots) 4 - Last Selected Vector
  3. These are all great functions! But it would be really nice if there was a fast possibility to directly jump to the folder outside of Mistika containing the actual footage.
  4. Small addition to this great function. It would be super nice to have a 'Locate' button to instantly jump to the 'Finder' / 'Explorer' Something like this? Or with a right mouse click 'Locate' on the Clip would also do. ? Or is there another quick way I don't see?
  5. Silly question, but I cant find the functionality of these buttons in the Manual. Also If I press them nothing happens.? It about the Selection Buttons. S and MF
  6. Thank you Javier for the in depth explanation! On the RED & Apple side there is good news regarding decoding r3d. Only at this point it's not clear if it is done by the GPU or the Afterburner card. (it would be really nice if it would be the Afterburner) Article about the support. https://www.newsshooter.com/2019/12/13/red-apple-complete-metal-gpu-accelerated-r3d-support/
  7. My system is the following: iMac 5K 2017 4,2GHz i7 40 GB RAM AMD RADEON Pro 580 8gb These are my results: - Capable of reproducing 18 color grades effects with real time playback. - Synchronisation lost after 18 color grade effects. - Capable of rendering 5.7 frames per seconds the 80 layers.
  8. Btw Is there a feature request list somewhere for Mistika Boutique? I have a couple request regarding the color grading interface, tools I use often in other grading software.
  9. Yes, there is a lot to take in! Some things that are quite easy on another platforms are quite tricky in Mistika and vice versa. Right now I am test-driving Assimilate Scratch and Mistika Boutique to see what serves me the best after coming from Resolve. I really love the experience of color-grading in Mistika, especially with the full Tangent Elements Setup, it's like driving a Ferrari 'super fast an intuitive'.
  10. Since I am also working with a Wacom I remember removing the annoying circle when you clicked something in Windows, where I had to dive into the register to disable it. Bizarre that you have to pick a older driver to get it to work properly. I hate to lose time managing system related problems while I have to focus on a grade.
  11. Thank you for your insight Jan. How is your experience in stability these days with Windows? Since I have horrible memories of keeping the whole setup stable in the past. I am gonna use it for 50% Mistika and 50% in BM Fusion. If there would be a good focus on the new Mac Pro and on the AMD GPU I would be super happy.
  12. Since my current setup is getting annoyingly slow I am looking to buy or build a new machine around Mistika Boutique. The biggest issue I have is the fact that I love to work within MacOs and don't like the messy Windows interface. On the other hand I would have no problems building a Window machine because it save's me 50% of the total price compared to a new Mac Pro. My questions are: The MacPro Route - How will the support be for the new Mac Pro, since it is using a AMD GPU (Vega II with 32GB looks very promising) And wil the 'Afterburner' card be supported in the future? Since I got the feeling that Mistika is more Window's focused? The Windows Route - I know that Mistika is a GPU driven software system and for stability you advise to use a Quadro Card since it is tested that way. On what other components does Mistika Boutique run best or what is the basic setup for a custom build Mistika Boutique workstation It would be really nice to know what motherboards or CPU's are preferred or used in the systems to develop/debug Mistika Boutique. So I can build a super stable workstation.
  13. Thanks I am gonna check the' recover snapshot' feature! Thanks Jan! Still a quick hover or click+hold would be awesome, especially if I also could use the FX Presets with LUTS that way. ?
  14. Is there a quick way to see a preview of FX Preset on a current shot? Just like the click+hold function in the 'Storyboard'?
  15. I am also very curious about this question since I am gonna build a new system mainly for Mistika.
  16. Where can I find the legacy download section for Mistika Boutique?
  17. Yes, within the terminal I can run a command to show all hidden files. Only it makes the rest of all folders a bit messy. ? I do like Windows cost wise and MacOs interface wise. But I am still not sure buying the new Mac Pro or a HP-Z... (that would be a totally different topic)
  18. Thanks C! With the "cmd+shift+." shortcut I can see them in finder. Do you think it would be possible that the are not hidden by default, so I can grab them more easily?
  19. For one strange reason if I save a FX preset it only saves a .pcc file and Mistika stopped exporting a .dpx to the same folder. Is this strange behaviour or a preset? In the FX window within Mistika I can see the screenshot so the .dpx file must be stored somewhere right?
  20. Thanks Cristóbal for the great feedback. Right now I make the .dpx and have a custom compressor droplet for converting .dpx to .jpg to keep the workflow up to speed! Great to hear it is in the feature request list!
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