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  1. Self answered first question.... Channel Booleans node. ?
  2. Hello. Two questions: - Is the a way of applying a Divide operation between two inputs? Can not find it in the Comp3D node. - Is it possible two get the GLSL node to take two inputs? I can see I can connect several inputs in the node graph, but can not find an example of how to specify these in the internal code. Cheers! A
  3. Is the trial version also updated to 8.8.1? Any way of getting license extension for the Open Beta?
  4. Will this be part of the Mistika Trial or is it going to be a separate files?
  5. I am definitely interested in seeing Mistika support for Decklink cards. Thanks A
  6. Hey is was my pleasure. Ha! You are putting me on the spot here ?. I guess I really need to use Boutique in a real project to see what I miss. My main field of work is VFX, so the first thing that comes to mind is Mistika’s integration in a VFX pipeline where the timeline need to be fed with a constant stream of VFX versions. I know that a customized pipeline can be built around the system taking advance of the fact that Mistika file management is text based, but I haven’t seen any related documentation or tutorial on this regard. Maybe I missed it, but things like shot naming, versioning and manual or automatic update of VFX shot is something that I would look forward to see. Regarding compositing capabilities... Its pretty good. But my opinion may be bias here, since I use Nuke and other dedicated tools every day on really heavy VFX work. I see Mistika’s VFX options more as a tool set to address relatively simple tasks like retouching, rig removal and simple to medium complexity comp work. That being said, Its a really nice set of tools and I am sure in the right hands can be taken to really high levels. I see Mistika mainly as a grading tool... in addition to conforming and finishing... so other areas I will be paying attention on upcoming releases are Color and Grade Management. Color Management. Knowing what Lustre/Flame, Resolve and Baselight can do on this regard, I miss the possibility of setting certain rules for color space/gamma conversions as preparation for grading. It is definitely possible to do this in Mistika by layering the proper tools, but it could be more centralized at the clip/media browser/project settings level. This could also be expanded with the use of media metadata to automate at least some part of this process. One other benefit I see in having a color management pipeline is that you could make some color tools aware of the incoming space and gamma and react accordingly to some adjustments. For example, saturation adjustments could be applied differently depending on what color space you have as input. Tonal ranges is also another thing that can be automatically adjusted by knowing what gamma is coming in. Grade Management. On the short time I got to try the Gang tools, I found its approach to grade propagation may be a bit simplistic. It works as a nice way of copying grades and effects parameters, but its name could be a bit deceiving, specially knowing other software use “Gang” to describe synchronized adjustments. Maybe I’m just talking about the option to automatically Propagate the grade changes across the Gang group. The fact that grade clips can be stretched across multiple segments in the timeline already addresses what in other software needs to be done as a shared or sequence grade. None of these points will really stop me from using Mistika... specially knowing that SGO is actively working on smoothing out the user experience and improving the existing toolset. Its open timeline and layer/effect scope paradigm its a really fun experience. Anyway, thank you again the opportunity. A
  7. Ok, time is up with the Open Beta. Thank you so much SGO for making this available to us. Boutique is a great piece of software and really enjoyed learning its philosophy and tools. Dint have time to go over all the features I wanted to explore, but I’am really considering for upcoming projects . Gracias! Abel
  8. Maybe not a bug, but... more like something to be aware of. Remember that I am talking about sharing setups between stations with no access to each other protects. If they are accessing the same project/folder structure in the same network, the all of these will work. My question mainly came in when I was trying to post te title/paint example here in the forum and seeing that anyone here downloading it will not be able to recreate it... unless the FX Preset is used.
  9. As rob.gordon suggested before, you can select all the grade clips, lock them (L) and drag them up or down. That should adjust the scope coverage for all the clips. Then, you can unlock them. A
  10. Regarding the example of saving the titles and paint node as a package to be used in a different Mistika station, without access to the same project... here are my findings. This doesn't work. As explained in my previous post. This doesn't work ether... because of the same reasons. This works, as it carries all necessary .dat files to recreate the titles and paint. ? This doesn't work.
  11. Thank for all the suggestions about exporting the title setup. I did tried the .grp method, but that doesn’t work, as it doesn’t carry the actual text and paint strokes within... hence my post. I’ll try the other methods before I run out of open beta license ?. Cheers A
  12. Maybe a question for a separate topic, but since we are talking about titles... I was intending to upload the setup I used in that video by putting it in a .grp file. I realized the .grp file doesn't contain all the necessary information to recreate the title and paint node in a separate station. Internally it references a bunch of .dat files saved in the "PRIVATE/.." folder of the project. How can I package something like this to be self contained and ready to used in a different Mistika station? A
  13. Yes, thats how I setup the initial roll... which actually creates keyframes in "MoveY" Parameter of the Title. Those values drive the rest of the Titles and Graphics. I did find I had to keep propagating and copying these a few time as I did changes. It will be great if values can be linked with expressions... if this is not implemented, consider it a feature request. Photoshop is good. This is just about knowing what and how easy I can do it within Boutique, Since the Title and Framing tools motion don't have motion blur, adding a small amount vertical DirBlur to the whole thing helps with the smoothness. PS: Thanks!
  14. Thanks! We'll.... maybe 3 min ?. Colorspace transformations and Film Lut get you a long way. The is just primary balance and some (Fixed Hues adjustments on the 2nd shot) Hope all goes well at NAB A
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