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Preset for new Kandao QooCam8K?

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I've been trying to stitch Kandao Qoocam 8K video footage, but without success.

If I load the Kandao Calibration, the stitch result gets a lot worse than what I see in the initial template results  (it seems that the lenses are spread apart wider). I can partly fix it for one stitch line with the convergen adjustment, but it will greatly ruin the opposite stitch line.

Where does Mistika VR get the data for this Kandao Calibration?   How can I improve that calibration?

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Hi Peter!

Thanks a lot for reaching out.

Did you do the steps of the following procedure to stitch Kandao Qoocam 8k video footage explained in the manual (chapter

For this specific preset, there's no actual need to use the Kandao calibration, in the case the stitching works rights in the first place. It defers on the shot. Have you tried the Improves tools instead of the Kandao calibration?

Looking forward to your answer.


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