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Place playhead at cursor


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I must be missing something obvious, but can't find it in the manual or the tutorials.

Is there a way to place the playhead at the mouse cursor? I see a large variety of shuttle commands to place the playhead, as well as setting playhead at specific TC. But when I click with the cursor it sets a cursor at the location, doesn't move the playhead. And any variation of Cmd/Shift/Opt doesn't seem to work either. 


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6 hours ago, Yoav Raz said:

double click on a shot or fx on the timspace will get the red playhead to that position 

Right, but it also opens the visual editor (when you're in single monitor configuration). I was thinking of getting the playhead right where the cursor is, but staying timespace on single monitor configurations.

I think this is one of the teething issues where a lot of the UI was built with the assumption everyone uses two monitors....

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