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Flipping UI Monitors


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Is there any hack (or future feature) to flip the time space/visual editor arrangement?

For the most part I use Mistika in single monitor mode, since I have my primary monitor centered and the second one at an angle to the side. That's impractical with the visual editor being on the secondary display. Luckily the switch between time space and visual editor is pretty fast, so going back and forth is not too bad, and if you setup your stacks right you don't have to switch too often.

But there are times where it would be nice to work with both monitors. But I would need the visual editor on the left and time space on the right. An additional checkbox in mConfig could take care of that....

And no, swapping primary display assignment is not a good answer, as it needs to stay the way its for all the other things I do, unless I change that every time I launch Mistika. I already have to turn the menu bar on/off. I'd rather not have yet another system setting.

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An even better feature would if this was dynamic, but that is more complicated:

- 2 UI Monitor setup
- When no clip is selected (visual editor inactive), the time space is on the left, making it easy to work on the timeline for conforms, renders, etc.
- As soon as a clip is activated in the visual editor, the time space moves to the right and visual editor opens on the left. 

That would keep the most critical work on the monitor in front of you, but give you quick access on the secondary monitor to add an effect to a stack without switching.

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+1 for Jan's dynamic switching idea. 

I also have a situation where one monitor is more in front of me, and another is more off to the side.

I think when you're conforming, you want to see time space in front of you. And when you're coloring, you want to see the visual editor. 

I would also like to see the ability to drag scopes onto the secondary display even when using single monitor mode. 

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