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  1. +1 for Jan's dynamic switching idea. I also have a situation where one monitor is more in front of me, and another is more off to the side. I think when you're conforming, you want to see time space in front of you. And when you're coloring, you want to see the visual editor. I would also like to see the ability to drag scopes onto the secondary display even when using single monitor mode.
  2. Thank you for the answers. I'm a pure colorist so I will see if I can get away with 32GB of RAM. I don't mind upgrading to more RAM, but I'm on a Threadripper system and it's hard to find fast 64GB sticks. Whereas I have many options for low latency, high clock 32GB configurations. Re: the various mConfig setting Jan alluded to. I'm also pretty confused about how to set all the parameters. Which ones are best left at zero, which should be adjusted. I was also specifically confused about whether to count threads or just actual cores (I have a 16-core 1950X for example, with 32 threads). I'd love for you guys to consider making a tutorial video that goes in depth into all of the memory and core related settings, perhaps showcasing how to optimize a few different systems. Or show some before / after performance. Also, re: Mistika Boutique using only one GPU. With the new CUDA RED acceleration, in that case will Mistika use a 2nd GPU for RED decode and the primary GPU for all other timeline effects?
  3. Just curious if 32GB of system RAM is appropriate for 4K color grading in Mistika Boutique. In the system configuration guide, 16 GB is specified for HD work and 64 is specified for 4K, but there is no mention of 32GB. My system has 32GB of RAM, 2x 1080 Ti GPUs, and a 1950X Threadripper CPU. I was just wondering if I was limiting my performance by not upgrading to 64GB of RAM as per your configuration guide.
  4. OK, understood. Glad in reporting actual bugs and I'm not misusing Workflows. Looking forward to checking in later in the Beta. If you could also check DNxHR > H.264 works, that'd be great. 2 more thoughts. There is no node to resize resolution, right? Like if I have a master ProRes that's 4K and want to make HD H.264. Or do I just change the parameters in H.264 node to be 1920x1080? Also, is there a hook to export directly from Boutique into Workflows? Like how in Premiere you can either export your sequence from Premiere directly, or send the job to Media Encoder?
  5. Hello, I launched Workflows for the first time today attempting to convert a ProRes to H.264 and upload to Frame.io. But whenever I would start the queue, the render would fail with a "Media Write Error." Screen grab attached. I got the same error with the H.265 encoder and the NVidia H.264 Encoder nodes. I checked to make sure I had free hard drive space, and even tried putting the base ProResHQ file in a few different places on my computer to make sure it was not a permissions issue. Sometimes when I checked the H.264 node, it was showing fps of 0.00. When I did "reload metadata," the fields would populate, but it would show up as a weird (and different fps each time, like 23.57 or 23.66). I could manually type in 23.98, but the render would still fail. Also, it's hard to type the .98 in the frame field because the "0" zeros persist, and need to be forward deleted manually to enter your own number. Workflows is writing a file, because I see the .mp4 file populate next to my ProRes in Windows Explorer, and I can open the file, but it only plays the first few seconds of a 5 minute video. So the render is happening, it's just failing midway through. Also, the frame.io integration is super cool, but is it possible to have Mistika Workflows permanently store a developer token? LIke we can sign in to our frame.io account in the Mistika Workflows preferences? Right now it seems you need to enter the token each time you create a frame.io node. And we need to sign in to frame.io via the web to get a token, so it would not actually save time to have a frame.io node in Workflows if we need to sign in each time. I'm using Windows 10 (latest updates), Nvidia Titan X (Pascal), i7-6950K. Also, +1 to feature request for easier to understand H.264 preset names. Big request for VBR 2-pass. Just looking for a preset for highest quality Vimeo / frame.io.
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