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Mistika Boutique & BlackMagic DecLink

Miguel Angel Doncel

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Hi all,

Before NAB we had several requests from people asking about our plans to support other video cards. At that time, we said people we would revisit that idea just after NAB. and we will do it this coming next week during our R&D meeting. But before that, I would like to get a bit of feedback from you about this idea. Is it interesting for you?

If so, please like this post so we can measure easily the level of interest.

Please, also feel free to mention any comment or interest in any other brand of video cards

kindly yours,

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I was one who originally asked about it. I do think that most people who are primarily using Resolve with external reference monitors will already have BMD I/O hardware. If you are hoping to get a good number of them to adopt Mistika, having support for their existing I/O path will remove a major resistance point. Investing into a second AJA interface is generally at least a $2K investment and not simple plug and play, it would essentially double the price for Mistika for them over an 18 month timeframe. 

What I don't know if is how many people you are targeting are coming from Resolve vs. other systems, or this is their first serious grading platforms.

For me personally, I now have an AJA interface and it works well for me. Would I convert to using Mistika on BMD? Not sure yet.

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The Blackmagic cards are one of the most affordable hardware solution and many people that might be attracted by Mistika Boutique might have them. I also think that supporting them will remove a barrier for newcomers and switchers.

Would like to see it in the future as I generally like it a lot that SGO opens up to more accessible spheres…

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