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Effect Scope Shortcut

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Thank you for making Mistika Boutique available as an open beta. I am a VFX Artist and colorist enthusiast. 

My first question is about the Effect Scope extent. Is there a keyboard or tangent element shortcut to extend the scope column down or up? Also, when I move and effects up or down the timeline tracks the bottom of its scope sticks to its inputs, but not to when its done to several effects clips at the same time. Is there a specific shortcut to achieve this? I specifically when to be able to move all the transitions of a conformed timeline up a few tracks, but still affecting the edit at the bottom.

Thanks in advance.


 BTW... any facilities using Mistika in Vancouver Canada?

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There is a workaround for the mass scope adjust. If you 'lock' all the FX nodes by selecting them and using the shortkey 'L' (or the 'Lock' button in the Edit tab under 'Attributes') to lock them, when you drag the scope all locked nodes will then change their scope together. Just remember to unlock the nodes again afterwards! This only works moving the scope itself up and down so you will need your FX nodes on the correct 'layer' first and then just lock them and drag the scope down to the required level.


As far as I am aware I don't **think** there is any shortcut to actually move the scope other than using the mouse or tablet?

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