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What is new in Mistika VR 8.8.6

Miguel Angel Doncel

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Hi all, As promised, we are happy to announce Mistika 8.8.6 Open Beta is now available for all existing customers. During the open Beta, all customers will have access to this new version using your downloads section in your web account: www.sgo.es/my-account/downloads All the new functionality will be available for personal and professional editions. And as usual, at no additional cost. After the final release, this functionality will also be available in the evaluation version. New features:

  1. Mass import of media now supported: Whole folders, and recursive folders can now be drag & dropped, and the material will be organized automatically into clips.
  2. During mass import, clips incoming split into multiple parts due to the file size limit of the SSD cards will be automatically placed as consecutive stacks for most file organizations.
  3. Multipart clips can now be concatenated into a single clip, with the “Merge From Selected” feature, allowing to treat them as one single clip. This is an instantaneous metadata operation, no actual media merge is necessary.
  4. Still-image panorama photography support improved with better still image sets import. When importing an apparent numbered image sequence, the user can choose either if the images are a time sequence or if each image is a separate camera view.
  5. Maximum camera number was increased from 32 to 64, allowing for larger still image photography sets.
  6. Default preset can be predefined to be applied on all newly imported stacks, to further enhance the mass imports.
  7. Media Relink. The system will allow us to locate media not found during the load process.
  8. Path Translator. Specially thought for sharing projects between different Operating Systems and simplify compatibility amongst Operating Systems.
  9. Zoomable visual editor timeline, to allow work on very long clips.
  10. Better alignment for coaxial rigs can be achieved by setting coaxial convergence. Applies both VR360 rigs (VRTul2, Vuze and other stereo couple based rigs) and VR180 rigs (zCam K1, iZugar VR180 rigs etc).
  11. Coaxial Convergence Distance parameter added.
  12. Forward Distance parameter added as an experimental alternative to Convergence, acts only on the horizon yet not on the poles.
  13. Playback Cache is displayed in the time bar. Scrubbing along the cached segment can be expected to be much faster than uncached zones.
  14. Import of OZO calibration metadata is now supported.
  15. Import of Insta360pro calibration metadata is now supported.
  16. Import of Facebook Surround json calibration metadata is now sported.
  17. nVidia h264/h265 render now supports the QP mode for constant quality, variable bitrate mode. Makes the codecs more suitable as intermediate format, avoiding quality fluctuation in time due to the GOP cycle. Also, avoids drop in quality of complex scenes and scenes with light flashes.
  18. Some presets form the preset library have been updated to enable the latest functionalities:
    • GoPro Omni
    • Freedom360
    • Samsung Round
    • Vuze
    • ZCam S1Pro
  19. ReorderKandao Tool integrated into the GUI. This Drag and Drop utility helps renaming and reordering Kandao sequences simplifying the import and management processes.
  20. The Visual Editor includes now a maximize icon.
  21. The image area can be maximized by double-clicking on it.
New Presets:
  1. Preset for OZO upgraded to handle better the back seam
  2. Preset for iZugar Z4XL added.
  3. Preset for ZCam K1Pro added.
  4. Preset for iZugar Z6X3D-C added.
  5. Preset for DetuF4Plus added.
  6. Preset for 2x Panasonic GH5 with Entanyia 250 lens added.
  • Local License server has been improved to automatically renew the licenses on subscription renewals. This was creating support issues to customers, especially to people using OSX with a Touch Bar.
  • 1588 PtGui shows an error message when sending images from an unnamed timeline
  • 1312 Removing the first camera rolls the positions of all the following cameras in the image
  • 1585 Hotkeys related to Edge points do not work
  • 1589 Problem with custom layouts
  • 1595 Crash rendering to prores in Osx systems
  • 1616 Applying a preset to Samsung Gear leaves both tracks of audio unmuted
----------------------- Hi all, We are happy to announce that New Release of Mistika 8.8.6 is now available to all existing customers. All customers will have access to this new version using your downloads section in your web account: www.sgo.es/my-account/downloads All the new functionality will be available for personal and professional editions. And as usual, at no additional cost. After the final release, this functionality will also be available in the evaluation version. New Features: 22. Now the VR metadata injected into the rendered movies supports Side-by-side VR3D180 format. Also, the injection is now done while creating the movie, not as a post-process requiring full movie copy. Fixes:
  • 1581 Fixed a crash when placing more than allowed maximum of 64 cameras in a single stack.
  • 1607 Inject VR Metadata now works in the 'Render all shots' mode.
  • 1616 Applying a preset to Samsung Gear left both tracks unmuted.
  • 1623 Crash at reading an .vrenv file just after saving a different one.
  • 1634 Output to “Little Planet” and “Cube map” produced cropped result.
  • 1636 A possible crash when using Full screen mode fixed.
  • 1637 Up/Down hotkeys on parameters were misinterpreted as zoom in/out.
  • 1639 pro.prj Insta360 calibration files now also work when drag & dropped.
  • 1640 Removing cameras through the clip stack could crash the app.
  • 1647 Wrong behavior of the popup window ¨Add video format
  • 1651 Esc key made the render window to disappear with the render keeping on.
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[quote quote=46092]I can’t get it to start!!! Loaded—check paths—check new_project or old—- just sits and spins….NOTHING Reinstalled 8.8.5—-Perfect![/quote] Could you please submit a Support Ticket for investigating the problem? http://support.sgo.es/helpdesk/tickets .ro

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[quote quote=46135]Looks pretty good. Is there any support for OZO RAW files now? OZO Creator is not available anymore. So it could be great to work with OZO RAW format directly in Mistika VR.[/quote] I am afraid not, Mistika does not support Ozo raw. I am not sure it can be supported in future versions. Apologies for the inconveniences! .ro

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[quote quote=46243]Hi there, The ReorderKandao Tool doesn’t seem to work with images from the Obsidian Go, see attached error message. Kandao[/quote]     Hi Brichards, I've never test Obsidian GO. Are you able to send us a sample which we can reproduce the problem here in our systems in order to be fixed? If so, please send the files to support@sgo.es .ro

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Hello, I would like to submit few possible bugs in Mistika VR 8.8.6: 1. Viewport ZOOM in MistikaVR.8.8.6 is not working properly, please see the difference from MistikaVR.8.8.5 in attached files. 2. Timeline preview cache doesn't seems to work. 3. Import of Insta360pro calibration metadata is not accurate, plates are not aligned properly. 4. One more not related to Mistika VR 8.8.6: Viewport zoom at 100% is like fit to view port, in 100% you are supposing to see 100% according to the screen not the window/viewport. Rosen P.S. Maximum file size allowed is 512 KB. is not very good when you try to submit a problem. MistikaVR.8.8.5MistikaVR.8.8.6_

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Hi all, Thank you very much for reporting problems regarding Mistika VR Open Beta 8.8.6. This reply is for asking for a good Forum organisation. There are 2 ways for reporting issues: In the Forums: https://www.sgo.es/forums/forum/mistika-vr/bugs/ Suppor Portal: http://support.sgo.es/helpdesk/tickets If you are so kind, please forward the found issues to any of the proper places for reporting bugs. Kindest Regards, .ro

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