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What is new in Mistika VR 8.8.4

Miguel Angel Doncel

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Hi all, We are happy to release Mistika VR 8.8.4. thanks to all the customers for the feedback during the beta period. The Release is available for all customers as part of your subscriptions. You can Download it from your downloads page www.sgo.es/my-account/downloads If you need a new license, you can get it in our shop www.sgo.es/vr-plans What is coming in this new version: New Presets

  • GoPro Fusion
  • Vuze
  • IndieCam
  • Yi360VR preset refined, now corrects lens distortion
  • iZugar Z2XL180
  • iZugar_Z4XL_3840x2160
New Features / Improvements
  1. Latest Nvidia Windows Driver Supported.
  2. OSX GPU more efficient, improving render speed and interactivity.
  3. Nvidia GPU accelerated encoding for Windows Systems. Provides a large performance boost for the h264 codec, as well as new h265 (HEVC) capability. Speeds as high as 45 frames per second for 4k x 2k encoding are now achieved.  You will likely enjoy a significant render speed up with these new codecs, specially for systems where codification was the bottle neck. Also, lossless settings are available for both h264 and h265 codecs, making them interesting as intermediate format for your workflow. Important Note: This improvement is not supported in OSX At the moment, as the new Nvidia driver is not supported by Apple. But as soon as they support it, we will upload the same functionality for OSX.
  4. Optical Flow stitching is now typically 50% faster, cutting your render times by up to one third.
  5. New Timeline context menu to display  TC or Frame Number.
  6. The Align Horizon Rotation yellow guide line is now automatically removed when any other action is taken.
  7. KanDao Calibration metadata support. It can be read from the KanDao media files if available, allowing for reliable and very precise camera alignment.
  8. Multicamera files (like Samsung Gear360 and Vuze) now display only the desired camera and not all of them in the following situations:
    • In lens centering mode.
    • In the camera list Icons.
    • When  exported to PTGui or Hugin.
  9. Color correction applied during the Lens centering mode to help the centering process on very dark shots.
  10. Vuze media clip supported: All eight views, including those stored as the second video track, can be selected by applying the Vuze preset on a single Vuze media clip.
  11. Performance has been significantly improved when swapping cameras by dragging over the image in the Visual Editor.
  12. DNG support has been improved both in quality and performance. Black Magic compressed DNG format is supported too.
  13. Stereo edge points now support cameras with unusual right-to-left camera numbering (like zCam V1), and for presets with extra cameras heading up or down. (Jaunt, zCam V1).
  14. License expiration and auto renovation message now much more detailed, explaining what it exactly means and linking to solution instructions.
  15. Activation window can be enlarged as necessary.
  16. When MistikaVR is reopen, last timeline will be automatically loaded. If MistikaVR closed unexpectedly, last autosave will be automatically recovered.
  17. KanDao metadata can now be imported also from KanDao .kdproj files. This allows importing the calibration of the KanDao Studio “Calibrate” tool.
Bugs Fixed
  • Fix n-917: Latest Nvidia driver crashing Mistka VR.
  • Fix 1435: Drag and drop does not open contextual menu anymore in Storyboard and keyframe slider.
  • Fix 1336: Error loading a .lnk files.
  • Fix 1382: Camera overlay disappearing with Quick View activated when using Match color in time.
  • Fix 1394: Problems with Paths starting with "/" in Windows systems.
  • Fix 1416: Crash rendering to Left/Right S3D mode.
  • Fix 1459: Mistika VR not starting Automatically the first time just after installing a new license.
  • Fix 1498: Export to PTGui of cameras with multiple views per clip (like Samsung gear 360) not working.
  • Fix 1396: Typing number in the frame offset animates the intermediate states
  • bug 1483 fixed: Rendering 'all shots' with Nvidia h264/h265 codecs did not work
  • bug 1468 fixed: On some Mac computers, stereo side-by-side and top-bottom render output had one of the views broken by aliasing artifacts
  • bug 1552 fixed: The source cameras Mute buttons, once used, made all audio muted, with no possibility to unmute them anymore.
  • bug 1512 fixed: R and L hotkeys  did not work if the image view area was not in focus
  • bug 1359 fixed: Storyboard icon did not change if feather overlay was switched on/off.
  • bug 1390 fixed: Match Color did produce wrong results if any camera was disabled
  • bug 1440 fixed: On OSX, the path is now correct using the native file manager
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that new vuze preset update is perfect, no more splitting and dragging in 8 times :-) thanks! one question about exporting: I use mp4 bitrate. the rendered 3840x2160p clips have ca. 90 mbit bitrate (the camera raw is 120mbit). normally I can edit mp4s of that quality and size with an ease in premiere. But Mistika's mp4s seem to be different. Preview is quite skippy most of time....does the GOP setting in the config menu has anything to do with that? For what can I use the GOP setting? thanks, seb.  

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Hi Sebastian, A GOP Size set at 1 produces a file that is easily edited in other applications, because all the frames are a keyframe (compression only occurring between frames). Values other than 1 define the number of consecutive frames for which only significant differences from the previous frame will be represented, taking better advantage of the available bitrate but losing the possibility of navigating to (or close to) a specific frame in other applications. Very high values may cause the opposite effect to that desired, and worsen image quality. A value of 5 is usually a good starting point. I hope it helps! Best, .ro

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Hi ulf.brusquini, I am afraid a render tab is an option available just for the full license. You can use the whole tool but rendering is a limitation of Eval license. If you are interested in see the SGO plans, here you can find all the information: https://www.sgo.es/vr-plans/   Best Regards, .ro

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hi Susane, the best way is to uninstall 8.8.3 and install 8.8.4 as you suggest. you can also install 8.8.4 on top of 8.8.3 but even if that works, it is not a clean approach and will leave some useless data in the system registry. so we recommend uninstalling and installing   please, do not hesitate to contact us if you need any help during the process

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