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TIF + Alpha Sequence > ProRes 4444 with Alpha

João Gabriel Riveres

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Hello there, hope you are all well.

I am currently testing Mistika Workflows and what we need to automate is a Watch Folder that understand TIF sequences and converts them to ProRes 4444 with Alpha. I've managed to prepare a Workflow, but the result is on .mov for each frame. What am I missing?

The TIF sequence is exported from TV Paint and it is named as: s009p05_C01-A_Linha_Panela_0001.tif

I've read the HELP section for the Watcher node and understood that it should be able to identify sequences.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Joao Gabriel,

Thanks a lot for reaching out!

Likely your name convention is not set as [baseName]_[frame].[ext] and for this reason, your tiffs are not being recognised as sequence.

What I recommend is to open you Name Convention field in your input media property node (your watcher in your case) and set it like this:


Please, let me know if it worked.





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