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Optimal export settings for the Quest 2

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Hi Ken,

Thanks a lot for reaching out!

Due to the insta360 pro 2 mapping, the best way to keep all your information is by setting the render vertical size as close as possible to your vertical shots size. In this way, if your shots are, for example: 3200x2400 I recommend to set your render as 4800x2400 (because 4800 is twice 2400, and if you keep your vertical as 2400, your horizontal must be 4800 to keep the 2:1 recomended aspect ratio for Latlong images.

Talking about the target device, it depends on the device and your purposes.

In the case of Oculus, I recommend to export to HEVC codecs, because .mov (as far as I remember, maybe it has changed) are not supported by Oculus, and HEVC will offer you the best results interms of resolution and performance inside the headset.

I hope it´s useful!

Please, do not hesitate to ask anything if you need further assistance 🙂






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