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Media Management

Melanie Diaz

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Hi there!

Create fully automated post-production workflows that will contribute to a better media management with the complete set of features in Mistika Workflows

This template demonstrates how to efficiently filter and organize the contents of a folder based on various criteria.

The first step involves filtering the media based on its frame rate (FPS), accepting only 23.98, 24, or 25 FPS. Any media with 30 FPS will be relocated to a separate location, while media with other FPS values will be deleted.

Next, an extension filter is applied to the accepted media. Depending on the extension, different debayers are used to ensure accurate color space conversion. The final result is a properly rendered clip in EXR AP0 Linear format.

In Mistika Workflows, any folder or multiple folders can be filtered using metadata fields, enabling the creation of customized workflows.

This is just an example workflow to streamline media management. You can modify it to fit your needs adding new inputs, tasks and outputs.

If you need assistance, please reach out by opening a ticket on SGO Support Portal.

Enjoy Mistika Workflows!

Media Management.mwf

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