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What is new in Mistika Workflows 10.6.2

Tatiana Cociu

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Hi everyone!

We have released a major upgrade of Mistika Workflows, that features new integrations with external applications, incluiding AWS S3, Dropbox, Vimeo and YouTube, as well as additional nodes and advanced features. This version is already available on your Online SGO Account.

New Integrations

  • Dropbox - Easily upload and download media to your Dropbox account directly from Mistika Workflows. TUTORIAL
  • AWS S3 - Automatically upload and download media to your Amazon Web Services S3 storage directly from Mistika Workflows. TUTORIAL
  • Vimeo - Upload your media automatically to Vimeo. TUTORIAL
  • YouTube - Upload your media automatically to YouTube. TUTORIAL

New Nodes and Features

  • classifyByMetadata node - Filter your input, such as a folder, watch folder, or FTP, based on the metadata associated with it. TUTORIAL
  • jsonCurvesData property added to RndFile - This new option enables you to use RND files created in Mistika Boutique, Ultima, or VR as templates to batch apply the effects or manipulate its parameters directly in Mistika Workflows.
  • changeCurvesData node - New node allowing the modification of the FX parameters of the RND input.   
  • classifyByAge node - Filter the input files by its existence time/lifespan.
  • scaleResolution node - This node allows you to modify the size and resolution (by pixel and percentage) of your media when transcoding.
  • addRoot property added to input folders - A new parameter added to the input folders that allows you to preserve the internal folder structure when transcoding media. This makes it easier to automatically create the corresponding folders in the destination.
  • setUPmetadataFrom node  - This node enables you to add metadata from one universal path to another, which can be particularly useful when certain processing tasks don't maintain your media's metadata. This is especially helpful for managing RND files. For example, if you have a clip that you are processing and you want to ensure that it retains its metadata, you can set up a separate metadata source using this node. 
  • mdataFrom connector added to rndFile - A new connector added to the RND files to add the metadata from the setUpmetadataFrom Node.
  • Comp3D node - This new functionality allows you to easily create simple compositions with a background or foreground directly within Mistika Workflows.
  • WF-I-10 dcp, dcpReel and dcpCompliantFile support
  • mp3 node - Added input/output support for .mp3 files. 

Python Updates

  • New auxCode property 
  • ftp::translateFinalFilePath(self,filePath) exposed to auxCode 
  • Cworkflow::isProcessing added to Python
  • MediaFileInfoData exposed to Python
  • UP MediaFileInfoData getter and setter added to Python
  • NameConventionItem exposed to Python 
  • NC removeItemAt, insertItemAt,appendItem added 
  • Mistika.app.getResolutionNames() added
  • Mistika.app.getResolutionNames(string name) added
  • Connector::setRemovable added to Python  
  • Connector::isRemovable added to Python
  • Frames to Fields interpolation type added

Fixed bugs

  • The issue causing a creation of undefined additional folder when certain tokens (such as Resolution X/Y) were used for rendering is now fixed. 
  • "Production" token no longer interferes with token creation.
  • Custom transcoding resolution is now properly read by X/Y resolution token.
  • The ending "/" for FilePaths is now correctly placed when paths are loaded through the GUI.
  • Fixed an issue caused by the Split node with certain unsupported formats.
  • Move node functionality has been corrected and files are now properly moved instead of deleted.
  • EXR files are now correctly scaled when using the rescale within the transcoding panel.
  • Fixed Export Single frame feature.
  • XAVC TC is now managed correctly.
  • FileName and ClipDirectory are now correctly written by CSV.
  • Fixed XDCAM audio channels management.
  • R3D files can now be correctly managed from Watcher and Folder nodes.
  • Fixed rendering with name conventions for sequential files.
  • Fixed functionality of the properties panel when Mistika Boutique is installed after Mistika Workflows. 
  • Resolved the issue that reset the project to null when a project was changed in Mistika Boutique.
  • Checksum node now functions correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with changing file paths in the inputs nodes manually.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when multiple workflows were running and were stopped.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented conversion to interlaced R3D files when Open CL was set.
  • Classify by metadata feature now works properly with 24, 25 and 50 fps.
  • Mistika will now function correctly on Linux when an RND is rendered by the Mistika render node.
  • ExportSingleFrame and Enable Frame Range features in the task nodes now work properly.

Known bugs

  • Vector Paint coming from Mistika Boutique is not rendered correctly by Mistika Workflows.
  • Conversion from RAW media to XAVC may result in an "Invalid Gamut selected. Only rec.709 and rec2020 are supported (Windows only).
  • Rendering from DNG may result in a more contrasted image than the original.
  • MistikaRender may create an incorrect FilePath when the workflow is launched.


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