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Watch folder issue

Jay Staples

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I have a watch folder on a shared SAN active running a workflow.

When I use the machine running mistika workflows to drop a file into the watch folder, the script will run.
But if I use a different machine not running Mistika workflows connected to the shared SAN and drop a file in, the script will not run from the host machine. 

Is there a fix to this? Do I need to run an auto trigger to check the watch folder? I had tried that with little success.
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Hi Jay,

Thanks a lot for reaching out!

We´ve received your message in our support portal so let me paste the reply I sent you via support portal 🙂

"In the case you have a different computer to send files there is a parameter that "force checking". This parameter is located at the Watcher node "Force check". Just set the number of second you want to the Watcher check for changes inside the folder. It should make work your workflow.

Please let me know if it worked for you.



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