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What is new in Mistika Boutique 10.6

Tatiana Cociu

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Hi everyone,

A maintenance upgrade of Mistika Boutique is now available. You can already find this new version in the 'Downloads' section of your SGO Online Account.


New Features

  • New option added to exclude the audio tracks of clips during conforming.
  • New parameter included to the render panel to change the sampling quality when rescaling.



  • The default streaming codecs are now set based on the product and the operative system for best performance and optimization. 



  • Scopes now don’t disappear when being placed in the timespace with two monitors.
  • Import/Load option of the browser now doesn’t appear greyed-out when the user selects multiple files.
  • F5 shortcut now refreshes the Media Browser.
  • Shortcuts enabling/disabling the Display Filters now work properly.
  • Moving files inside the project with the Media Browser now works correctly.
  • The Eval Tree now does not switch the focus of the shortcuts from the Visual Editor when it is used.
  • CLP files can now be copied and pasted using the Media Broswer.
  • Fixed Timecode issue when changing a DPX mlnk from DF to NDF.
  • RND and CLP can now be selected correctly as options during the conforming process. 
  • Media browser now saves the position in two monitor configuration mode when using 4K monitors.
  • Fixed black artifacts in the highlights created by the Color Grade node in specific color workflows. 
  • Improved timewarp calculation when it is generated from an EDL.
  • XML files now conforms correctly using trimmed media with handles.
  • Fixed CG issue with AMD graphics boards in all platforms.
  • Temperature knob now resets properly.
  • Now the Media Browser refresh correctly when the Project is changed.
  • Fixed a problem when creating a capture list from EDLs at 29.97DF.
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