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Qoocam 8K Stitch


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Hello all,

I have recorded a 45 minutes session with a Qoocam 8K and Kandao Studio is constantly crashing.  So I asked a college which has more experience with 360 video. She gives me her laptop for the weekend with Mistika Boutique and after a lot of reading and watching Youtube vids, I imported a small video and applied the Qoocam 8K preset. But nothing happens 😞 Sadly, my college has only used pro-cameras and has no experience with the Qoocam 8K. It seems that I have to split or seperate the Qoocam file because both front and back are in one file.

For a test, I downloaded Mistika VR trial and followed some guide on the internet, seperated the file on the timeline and then applied the preset file and this resulted in a stitched video. I saved the project and dropped it in a Boutique timeline. Magically this worked also.  But how can I do this without Mistika VR? What is the correct workflow for Qoocam 8K files?

Hope someone can point me in the right direction. Thanks!

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Hi ShyBoy,

Thanks a lot for reaching out! And I´m sorry for the delay.

Of course I can guide you to the right direction 🙂

And you are right, you need to split the Qoocam file. In this way, Mistika Boutique offers you  "Switch to Second Video track" feature, located on Edit/Macros/Switch to second video track.

Let me explain the process:

 - Import your Qoocam footage.

 - Open your clip and change your result size to "input":


 - As the file is composed by two tracks, duplicate your media in order to get your Qoocam file two times in your Timeline. To do this, just press alt while drag and dropping the file. Place your copy below the original.

 - Select your copy and click on Switch to second video track. The second video track will be revealed.

 - Put a VR stitch grouping your two clips and select the Qoocam preset 🙂


I hope it´s useful!

Please, let me know if it worked for you.





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