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External Stitch: Neither Hugin nor PTGui produce any result in Mistika


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Hey there, 

we have some captured "cameras" from a realtime simulation from a fulldome setting (5 beamer, 5 computer).

Unfortunately i get absolutely no reaction from Mistika from the imported Hugin or PTGui projects to the workarounds shown in these tutorials: 

"Seamless Stitching using PTGui and Mistika VR" and "Hugin Integration in Mistika VR" from your YouTube channel.

Mistika 10.3.1 (Trial)

Hugin 2020.0.0.2f576e5d5b4 

PtGui Pro 12.7 (Trial!) Yes, i have seen this post: 


If i load any of the saved projects, Mistika is doing.... nothing at all. No stichting, no failure popup. Nothing. 


Any idea what i am doing wrong? 

All of the programs have definetely other versions than in the tut videos, starting at the import/export dialogue in Mistika.


Screenshot 2021-08-11 140150.png

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  • jklimmeck1 changed the title to External Stitch: Neither Hugin nor PTGui produce any result in Mistika

I think i got it. 


When I start Mistika the Mosaic (M) is activated for some reason. 

So, if you drop in your video files and just import the stichting, you won´t see any change.
Took me a while to find out. After several tries that did not work, it suddenly worked. I was very confused until it hit the Mosaic Button. 

It works now as promised with Hugin (no matter which version)

It works with PTGui IF it´s not the trial. PTGui 12.7 Trial is not working. With PTGui 10.something (no Trial) the import of the stitching works also.

But... we are ffed anyway, cause Hugin has no option for a horizontal picture angle but only one for the verrtical angle. 
So the picture looks like this in mistika:
okayisch here, yaiks there

Screenshot 2021-08-12 150741.png

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Thanks a lot for reaching out.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but the trial version of PTGui obfuscates the projects and makes them unreadable. You can try the feather and optical flow, but without seeing the stocking I don't know what is happening to it. So you can contacting us. So, you can contact us through a ticket and share with us the media, so from the support portal we can help you to create a customized preset.

Best regards.


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