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What causes black hole (black circle) in the top and bottom of a video?


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My questions is simply as the title. Sometimes I see them in a video, and sometimes I don't.

What causes black hole in a video?

My guess is that black hole is made because there's no repetitive pattern on the top and bottom. I'm not sure though.

Please, share your expertise if you know why. Thank you!

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Thanks a lot for reaching out!

This circle likely is the part of the 360º sphere that the lenses couldn´t capture. In some cameras, the fisheye lenses can´t cover the entire 180º in top and bottom, so, when you do the stitching, this lack is shared by the rest of the lens and causes the black circle on top and bottom.

To make sure, you can send me the media that causes these black circles. Please, open a ticket in our support portal: https://support.sgo.es In this way, we can be sure that this is the reason or there is another reason.

Have a nice day



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