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Scene Detection

Red one

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Hi Red one,

Thanks a lot for reahing out!

You can find the detect scenes button inside the Visual Editor. So, please, import your movie into Mistika and double clic on the clip to open it in the Visual Editor. Then:


Click on the Detect Scenes Button and you will see the Detect Scenes panel. Press Run scene detection to automatically calculate the different scenes inside your clip. Then you will be able to move the threshold (yellow line) to recognice the scenes (grey lines. When they turn red they will be recognize as different cuts) and click on Cut Detected Scenes to cut them.




On the other hand, to conform, you can import directly an EDL, XML or AAF to Mistika and conform it. Please, find here a tutorial about how to conform in Mistika:

And how to relink media:

I hope it´s useful!



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