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A few questions about VR stitch...

Rakesh Malik

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I'm working on stitching some VR footage captured using a Kandao Obsidian Go, and being new to doing this, struggling a bit. It seems like the Go doesn't store metadata in its video files, and the Kandao Studio app is also having trouble getting the stitches right. Its stitches have some huge gaps in them, like they're dropping one camera angle or something. That part I pinged Kandao about, but in the mean time does anyone have any advice on getting started with the stitching?


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Hi Rakesh.

Thanks a lot for reaching out to us.

Firstly we need you to give us further information about your problem, Could you send us screenshoots of what are you doing? it is important to know every step. We also need to know about how you did the recording process, because sometimes stitching problems came from there. 

Appart from that, Mistika VR and Mistika Boutique, have presets designed exclusivly for KanDao footage, which make the stitch automatically, Have you tried it there? 

Here you can see a tutorial which can maybe solve your issue.




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Thanks for the pointer. I'll take a look at the video. I had to file a ticket with support yet again (seems it's been every other month for as long as I've been a subscriber) for the defective license server refusing to let me start Mistika though, so I'm dead in the water for the moment ?


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Tech support got me back up and running pretty quickly (as usual).

I'm discovering that the Kandao camera that I have doesn't apparently record metadata with the video clips, so that part I'm still not sure how to get around.

Where should I be looking for the camera presets in Mistika Boutique? Am I going about the stitching the wrong way?

My approach was to load the six clips for a single shot into the time space, and then add a VR stitch on top of them. Then I added a VR view on top of that. 


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Hi Rakesh,

Sorry for the delay.

To import a preset,  you can do it as the same way to applying a preset in Mistika Boutique.

Please, open your VR stitch and select the FX presets tab:




The Fx Presets tab will be opened, then, select the folder that contains the presets.



In the case of the presets that Mistika VR brings by default: SGO AppData/VR/etc

And select you preset.

Please, let us know if you have more questions.



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