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Importing with alpha un Mistika


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On 7/11/2020 at 10:17 PM, philippe@slik.tv said:

Hi all,

What is the the way to import (or link)  something with an alpha in MB?

Like a Photoshop file or .mov with alpha? 

Thank you!


Hi Philippe

you just need to link the clip the same way you do with any clip. If it has Alfa you will get it in side the clip. 
you can change the output view to see Alfa  or RGBA and use as you need 

cheers yoav

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Indeed, as Yoav said, it should be pretty straightforward.

Be sure that you are importing a clip with the Alpha channel inside. Check that the codec you are using supports for the alpha embedded.

You can also export the alpha channel as a separate normal RBG file, and then use the External Key effect to add an alpha to the desired clip.



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