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What does this button do??


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Hi Jan!

I'll proceed to briefly explain them ?

- The S stands for Selection. The function of this button is that, when you have multiple shots on a timeline, and you need to instantly find it in your media browser, you first click on the clip, then click on the "S" and now, if you open your Media Browser, you will find the clip selected. 

- The MF stands for Match Frame. The function of this button is for both find the clip in the Media Browser, and also load in the Source Monitor the exact frame in which you have clicked the file. 

Does this clear things up?

Let me know if you need further assistance



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Small addition to this great function.

It would be super nice to have a 'Locate' button to instantly jump to the 'Finder' / 'Explorer'

Something like this?


Or with a right mouse click 'Locate' on the Clip would also do. ?

Or is there another quick way I don't see?


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On 12/16/2019 at 5:49 PM, mail18 said:

It would be super nice to have a 'Locate' button to instantly jump to the 'Finder' / 'Explorer

You can already do that through the Media Browser. If you right-click on the file and click on "Navigate to source media", it will open the location in the Media Browser ?



By the way, the "Find and select" is also a great tool! If you are navigating through your Media Browser, and you need to know where there is a particular clip  located in your timeline, you can right-click the media file, click on "Find and select" and that file will be selected in your timeline. In addition, if you click then on the Zoom selected button (image.png.c3e15e0c00847374a3c4b87b19ecdee6.png), that shot will be zoomed and positioned in the center  of your navigation. 

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