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Maybe someone on the forum can help me out with the Playback Cache function of Mistika. Is there a in depth tutorial online about this function?

Right now if I 'Select Cache On' I get the cache Icon on a node, noting happens afterward. If I select 'Render Current in the Foreground' I get the error message . "Unable to open Xfs file for writing".

Any Idea's?


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There must be some misconfiguration that is not letting Mistika  write the playback cache, maybe because it does not have writing permissions.

Please, go to the Mconfig, to the File Paths tab. There, you can check the Playback Cache direction. By default it should be similar to this one: C:/Users/*UserName*/SGO Data/Media/CACHE/PLAYBACK/

Check if the direction you have is okay and if it has writing permissions for Mistika. 

In case this does not work, please, submit a ticket to out support portal and we'll deepen more into the issue.

Looking forward to your reply.

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