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Partial Clip Cloning


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Apologies for the rash of topics/questions. In the middle of new project and still filling in some knowledge gaps with Misitika.

On this project I have to do some skin cleanup with the clone brush. Nothing major and not worth going to another app with. Everything works great using the Vector Paint node, making a quick track, then applying the clone brush, selecting each stroke and copying the track (still wish I could apply the same track to multiple shapes). But the issue I ran into this time is that on two longer clips the face turns sideways, so I really only need to apply the clone brush to segments of the clip. In the tracker window I can select a range of frame numbers to constrain the tracker, which worked. But there doesn't seem to be a corresponding feature in the paint editor. It's either one frame or all frames. I can't just duplicate a shape into a specific frame range. Silhouette allows you to specify a work area with start/stop frame of the clip to segment operations.

I ended up working around it by dividing the paint vector into three clips, deleting the middle one and then doing the process for the left/right segment as usual. That worked, but would be nice if there's an easier solution. Maybe there is and I haven't learned it yet?


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Hi @jan,

There's no way to select within the vector paint how many frames you want your shapes to be active. The easiest and quickest way to achieve thieve is to propagate the shapes to all frames as usual, then within  the timeline use the global razor or the command cut with your mouse, and work with the vector paint only in the cuts you want them to be active. 

No apologies needed. We are more than happy to help. 

Best regards,



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