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One thing that I've been a bit disappointed by in Mistika is speed. I'm using 8K Redcode at 1/16, which plays smoothly in Resolve on the same machine, and plays adequately in Mistika… but once I add audio, the performance tanks hard, which isn't good. And the audio I added is just a single stereo clip at 48 KHz, nothing all that large.


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Hi Rakesh!

When you are playing the audio, do you have the option to show the waveform? If you go to edit - setup - show strip de audio, you can deactivate that and it will play a bit smoother. 

If that's not the case, please send us the red clip and the audio clip and we will work out a way to make the playback smoother. Please, submit a ticket and we will deal with the situation.

Best regards,

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I had the single frame view turned on, but turning that off didn't help noticeably. Playback is still pretty choppy overall.

The render I made was terrible though -- part of the exported sound track was pure noise, like a buzzsaw. The previous render using the same audio clip wasn't.

I filed a ticket and included a link to a OneDrive folder where I have a clip uploading, but my upload speed is pretty sad since it's comcast, so it's anybody's guess how long it will take.


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