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Partial Clone


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I'm using the Vector Paint/Clone tool to remove some skin blemishes. Works quite well, including the tracking if there is a small number of blemishes, and can save the trip through VFX software.

One question: I have one blemish where the person's hand is moving in front of it part of the clip (occlusion). So I used the clone brush, tracked the blemish and copied the track which applies the clone to every frame. What's the best way of suppressing the clone brush for select frames? In my case the clip has 46 frames, and I want the clone be seen in frame 9-46, but not 0-8.

I tried selectively removing these keyframes, without luck. Looks like the opacity can only be adjusted during the original clone operation, but not on a keyframe level? I could have a separate painted alpha channel to suppress the clone on the select frames, but that seems like a cannon to shoot a bird. Any better ways of doing this?


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Hi jan

you have few ways of doing so

1- after you have the track and Clone in your paint FX. 

You clone the stack and replace the paint FX with a new one that embrace both stacks. In that new paint FX you choose (repair with virtual frame) automatically it will change the tool to reveal back. And now whichever frame you are at, using the brush will recover the area without the previous clone. No need for applying tracking or anything just go to next frame and use brush again. Pics attached 


2- doing the same thing but with color effect and using a mask and recover 2nd input at the option tub. This will need you to move the mask with auto key or a different tracking for that mask. 


For sure there are few more options using Alfa and mates. And more 

This are my most commonly used.

Hope it helps

cheers Yoav.  

Screen Shot 2019-06-30 at 21.27.10.png

Screen Shot 2019-06-30 at 21.28.34.png

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Thanks, that put me on the right track. I ended up with a slightly different eval tree, since I dislike copying the original clip. 

I added a second vector paint for the recovery as you suggested, and used the connect node to connect the original clip to the second paint node (has to be 1st input). Then I just used the 'reveal back' brush in those few frames to paint the original back in. That's pretty straight forward.

Connect is a hidden gem to keep in mind. It can split any node into multiple paths.


Screen Shot 2019-07-01 at 10.59.04 AM.png

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Hi Jan

that's it

instead of connect you can use alt drag the connection and it dose the same.

and just ofew more tips

1- is using the reveal back tool on old film or video restoration is like magic.

remove dust and scratches very simple.

2- using the repair frame FX is like this tool but much more functions and very advanced optical flow magic.


hope it helps

cheers Yoav 

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