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Stop Composer viewer from updating


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Just looking for a way to stop the composer from trying to show an image, so I can get some work done and arrange things in the timeline. I'm working with really large resolution, so every time I move the cursor or change any parameter, I'm waiting 20-40 seconds before I can do anything again. Is there something comparable to Nuke's Pause update feature? Right now, I move the red cursor off of the footage and I can do that, but then getting it back to where I want also takes a while. Any help would be appreciated as I can't find anything like this in the manual. I'm probably just not familiar with the language or terms that Mistika uses.

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Not sure if there's a pause. But you could try to use a display filter which reduces the resolution and complexity so it updates more real time. The display filter is easy to toggle and off via the T1.. buttons.

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HI Brandon and Jan



Activates constant updating of the evaluation. When this option is turned off, the image is only evaluated when a manipulator is released or the dragging of a value from the Parameters area is stopped, but it will not be evaluated during modification.

If deactivated, the Keyframe Slider will also cease to update the image until a frame is released.

When the effects are complex, it is advisable to deactivate this option, to avoid delays due to constant evaluation during the modifications.



Live Video by default

[False (True / False)]

Sets the SDI video output as default when opening Mistika.



Mute Video

Deactivates the image evaluation of all the monitor marks.


hope it helps 

cheers Yoav

Screen Shot 2019-06-19 at 07.17.42.png

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