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  1. Just looking for a way to stop the composer from trying to show an image, so I can get some work done and arrange things in the timeline. I'm working with really large resolution, so every time I move the cursor or change any parameter, I'm waiting 20-40 seconds before I can do anything again. Is there something comparable to Nuke's Pause update feature? Right now, I move the red cursor off of the footage and I can do that, but then getting it back to where I want also takes a while. Any help would be appreciated as I can't find anything like this in the manual. I'm probably just not familiar with the language or terms that Mistika uses.
  2. Is there a way to output files where they inherit the frame rate and resolution of the clip, rather than the project? I believe using the frame rate for header option in export works for the framerate, but I also want to export multiple resolution formats from the same project. Is this possible? Or do I have to change project settings each time?
  3. Yes. The VR View is the solution I was looking for. Thanks!
  4. Is there something similar to Nuke's Spherical Transform or After Effects polar coordinates in Mistika Boutique. I've tried all of the distorts to no luck. Looking for a way to tranform latlong stitched footage into 180 fisheye.
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