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Couple of comp question here. 

I got a Ramp effect being cut by a Shape and being used as a layer in a Comp3D setup. 

- Does Mistika have a "Infinite Canvas" concept outside the Comp3D node? Meaning doest it "see" what is outside the framing of the Grade effect framing? The .env file  I have attached may not be the best example of what I mean, but its represented by the shape being cut/limited by the Grade framing. I think more of CG EXRs render that have been render with overscan outside the EXR Window range. 

- Within the Comp3D node, is it possible to adjust the concatenated position of the Grade Shape? Since the Layer the Shape is in have a X,Y,Z translation the Shape outline manipulation is not concatenated through the 3d move. Any way of achieving this?






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Hi Abel, 

In Mistika the Canvas is defined by the project, and then the effects remove the part of the image that is outside the project settings. So for example if you load an image bigger than the canvas, with a Framing Node you will have the whole image and you can rescale it or adapt it to the project resolution. So let's say that you reframe the image, leaving part of it out of the canvas. If then we insert another framing and change the scale, you will see that the part of the image that it was out of the Canvas in the previous Framing has been removed. This happens with all the effects.

The Shape is linked with the Grade node before having any XYZ properties by the Comp3D, so no, the shape doesn't take those values. There is no way to connect a shape to a Layer in the Comp3D to control it as a linked element, sorry. 



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