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  1. I also lack the ability to lower the transparency of the node, I even tried to find a suitable effect among the transitions, but nothing came of it. I would also like all mistika effects to work with the alpha channel, especially enhance
  2. What the render function “by block”? I understand how work single, by selected, by time code, but I don’t “by block”
  3. Small manual) more blur in "change frequencie" for lower frequencie key.
  4. Adrian! Great theme. Recently I made a preset to work with different frequencies. At first I built a qualifier into it, but it turned out to be inconvenient to configure it inside the preset I would be grateful for the featback. 000_TEXTURE BLEND.pfx
  5. Why when choosing the hsl mode of key outside the qualifier is inverted. What is the logic here?
  6. I created new folder for timelines and it work. Thank you! But I have a new question) yesterday I installed build from 27 may, but new functions don’t work on my tangent element. The tangent mapper sees them and allows them to be installed in the layout, but they do not work in the boutique. the standard layout of May 28 does not work. creating a new project did not help
  7. really strange authentification from smartphone))
  8. Thank you a lot, Cristobal! I thought so, but decided to clarify. Please tell me, do framing fx has contains presets for different anamorphic coefficients or do i need to manually adjust and save your presets? I could not find it myself
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