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  1. This must be a super simple, but I cant find it anywhere. I like to 'add Layer' in the 'ColorGrade' interface with a shortcut, but cant find it. Also I would be nice if after adding a layer with a shortcut that I can name it directly to keep an easy view.
  2. Does the trick! Thank you!! (only my screen resolution looks pre 2015 ?)
  3. I have quite a problematic bug which makes it hard to work with Mistika Boutique 8.10 System tested: iMac 2017 |8gb AMD 580 | MacOs 10.14.6 When I ty to edit a value on the left side of the interface, it is scaling the interface with a strobe affect. (flickering from normal to small size, see screenshot) Did a whole clean install of MacOs and Mistika Boutique, unfortunallly the problem is still there.
  4. Thumbs up for a Matchbox integration, it would be great to have the flexibility to use all these shaders in Mistika.
  5. mail18

    Playback Cache

    Hey Cristóbal, thanks you for the super fast answer! I am on a iMac, and it was indeed a problem with the permissions. Made a new preset, and rerouted the cache folder to a nvme ssd over thunderbolt, this works like a charm!
  6. mail18

    Playback Cache

    Maybe someone on the forum can help me out with the Playback Cache function of Mistika. Is there a in depth tutorial online about this function? Right now if I 'Select Cache On' I get the cache Icon on a node, noting happens afterward. If I select 'Render Current in the Foreground' I get the error message . "Unable to open Xfs file for writing". Any Idea's?
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