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  1. Hi everybody! SGO announced Mistika Masterclass, free online live training sessions, providing its users with a thorough understanding of Mistika Boutique, the recently released full-finishing software solution for Windows and macOS. This ongoing series of interactive learning for Mistika Boutique will cover an extensive spectrum of topics, from basic operations to the most advanced techniques and tricks, and also providing innovative solutions for technical challenges faced during content creation. The first introductory Mistika Boutique Masterclass will take place on Thursday, May 9 at 09:00 and 18:00 (UTC/GMT) and will provide a general overview of the software. MISTIKA MASTERCLASS Mistika Boutique Fundamentals A complete guide to get you off to a great start with Mistika Boutique Mistika Boutique Interface: Timeline, Dashboard and Visual Editor MConfig: Project & User Settings Creating a Project and basic Media Import Basic operations in the Timeline: Navigation, Clips, and the Stack Concept The Stack in the Visual Editor & Evaluation Tree The Parameters Editor Storyboard as a navigation Edit and Play Marks After the first part of the masterclass, a Mistika Technology product specialist will be available to answer questions raised during the session. Make sure to sign up in advance as places to the Mistika Boutique Masterclass are limited. Sign up now by clicking on the Mistika Masterclass session of your choice below: 09:00 (UTC/GMT) 18:00 (UTC/GMT) Join the Mistika Masterclass and win one of the prizes worth more than €5,000! All the Masterclass assistants will be able to participate in a big giveaway for a chance to win one of the prizes listed below: 1x One-year license of Mistika Boutique Professional Immersive Edition (€3,390) 1x One-year license of Boris FX Mocha Pro ($595) 1x One-year license of Boris FX Continuum ($695) 1x One-year license of Boris FX Sapphire ($895) The giveaway will be held live at the end of the Masterclass among the participants with a random name picker software.
  2. Hi everybody! We are delighted to announce that Mistika Boutique 8.8.1 is now officially available! Here you'll find the release notes of this version. As usual, all the new upgrades are free of charge for all existing Mistika Boutique Users as a part of SGO's Loyalty Rewards Program. What is new in Mistika Boutique 8.8.1: Integration of Panasonic Varicam LT library. ACES updated to the latest version 1.1. Enhanced output of UHD and 4K formats. The latest version of AJA driver 15.x and firmware have to be installed for proper functionality. Cineform format support improved. Fixes: 2143 Improved rendering of AVI Movie DV25 codec. 2125 Mocha Pro tracking performance enhancements. 2173 Tiff files visualization improved with newly added FreeImage library support. 1703 Upgraded keyframe visualization in slider when working with layer blend. 1911 Fixed behaviour of R3D parameters in alpha channel when applied in ACES mode. 2006 Improved performance of the Alpha Channel in Solid Effect. 2085 Upgraded behaviour of the Burn tool when sending the selected information in Record Monitor to live video. 1984 Improved stability of overlay burn tool in a rendered file. 2197 Fixed output in live video with RGBA Apple ProRes Files. 2188 Improved behaviour of vectorscope scale in Nits. 2205 Special Symbols can now be used to name render presets and audio paths. 1962 Changed TC behaviour in render. The timecode clip is now controlled by the parameter Metadata Source / Filter. It has two options: "Lowermost clip" and "Only used clips". When “only used clips” option is selected, the render will apply the upper clip as timecode source. 2084 Fixed communication between Record Monitor and Visual Effect window when using a Display Filter. 2221 Fixed destination target in the render tab in a clean installation. 2224 Improved conforming using RND files. 2228 Upgraded management of AAF multiple video tracks files. 2218 Enhanced rendering with holes and Proxy activated. 2225 Output to HDMI in 4K resolution with AJA io 4K video board is now available in MacOs systems.
  3. Hi Abel Many thanks for taking the time to test Mistika Boutique and we're glad you have enjoyed the ride so far. Your feedback has been essential and will help us to continue improving the software. You're always welcome to keep testing features of Mistika Boutique by downloading the Eval Version! Please, do not hesitate to contact us anytime! Kind regards.
  4. Hi Rob Many thanks for reaching out and using Mistika Boutique in the Open Beta period which is very much appreciated. Indeed, the Open Beta period is for one month so it is normal to receive the license notification. As you might know, Mistika Boutique 8.8.0 has been officially released last week and the 30-Day Evaluation Version is available which is free of charge and includes all the features and toolsets, however, it is limited in terms of rendering - allowing to render only to compressed formats: Mistika, AVI DV Movie, AVI movie, MXF VC3 movie and Quicktime movie. If you want to keep testing the software this could be a good option Let me know if you have any other question! Kind regards
  5. Hi all Mistika Boutique 8.8.0 Release is now officially available! Mistika Boutique places its users at the very forefront of the content production industry that today requires versatile, adaptable and multi-skilled professionals by offering an extensive spectrum of fully-integrated finishing tools, essential for creating first-class content, including color grading, VFX, Stereo 3D and VR/360º. Special Launch Promotion During the first month of release, SGO is offering a Special Launch Promotion*. Everyone subscribing by 30 April 2019 will get the Professional Immersive Edition of Mistika Boutique for only €99/month or €990/year, which represents a saving of over 65 percent on the normal price. The Special Launch Promotion price will be maintained as long as the subscription is not canceled and remains active. You can subscribe now HERE. More information about the official release of Mistika Boutique can be found HERE. Improvements in Mistika Boutique: 2080 Improved behaviour in the Shape Module. Shape labeling issue resolved. 1754 Better Shape Management. The selection between the shapes used to change if they were intersecting or very close to one another. 2189 Improved and more accurate parameters of performance options based on the hardware in SGO mConfig. 2190 Improved “Export image set” and “Export Single Frame” inside the VR Stitch effect. 2186 Improved Loading of the FilmConvert plugin. 2198 Rendering of ProRes with 16 audio channels improved. 2208 Better rendering of EXR files with the audio tab selected. Latest improvement in Mistika Boutique: When Mistika Boutique is configured in UHD and 4K resolution the live video output is working properly. Performance recommendations: To configure the Performance options correctly on the first installation of Mistika Boutique, follow the instructions HERE.
  6. Hi all, We are delighted to announce that an update of Mistika Boutique 8.8.0 Open Beta is now available! As you know, Mistika Boutique Open Beta Program is completely free of charge and open to all. After the period of beta testing, Mistika Boutique will be exclusively available through the SGO shop based on a pay-per-use business model with flexible payment options from just €99 a month. Creatives and facilities will get to choose between various different editions, adapting features and functionality priced according to their needs. Mistika Boutique plans can be found HERE. To update to Mistika Boutique 8.8.0 go to the Downloads section of your SGO Account. To provide you with the very best experience using Mistika Boutique, we kindly ask you to fill out a 2-minute SURVEY and tell us what you think. To start the SURVEY , click HERE. Here's the list of fixes in this new Open Beta version: 2086 Refresh issue when using two monitors and Scopes. 2146 Troubles recognizing the HDMI for an external monitor. 2152 Possible issues after rendering to EXR. 2158 When opening a project the media browser did not open. 2161 Original values in the Project Manager window corresponded to Current values and vice-versa. 2163 Unable to cut and paste files in the Mistika media browser. 2164 When changing from one project to another, troubles opening the Home path. 2165 When changing from one timeline to another the focus of save window hidden underneath GUI. 2169 Extract Kandao Calibration Metadata did not warn when a shot had no metadata.
  7. Hi everybody! [NEW RELEASE - April 23, 2019] Mistika VR 8.8.10 is now officially released Here you'll find the release notes of this new version. As usual, all the exciting new features, improvements and new presets are available at no extra cost for all existing Mistika VR Users as a part of the SGO Loyalty Rewards Program. New Presets: Insta 360 One preset removed and replaced by separated presets according to their resolution. Insta360 One X presets list completed. Presets for Insta 360 EVO VR180_3D and VR360 added. Preset for Ricoh Theta V added. Preset for OUTERDO camera added. New features: Insta 360 Titan Pro.prj calibration libraries integrated. Fixes: 2195 The alt+b shortcut now enables to use the ‘bake option’ on the Yaw-Pitch-Roll parameters in the output camera. 2199 The avformat.cfg file containing the information of render formats now allows to see .mp4 format in the render dropdown menu. 1973 Improved paths for WORK and MATERIAL folders for new installations. 2185 The Yaw value can now be set without the need of setting Pitch and Roll parameters. 2184 The “Tab” key has been upgraded allowing to step to the next parameter in any folder control effect panel. 2187 Save sequences into an active project is now also possible if installation paths carries special symbols. 2207 Match Color in Time now allows to set longer clip length in the time step. [OPEN BETA] Mistika VR 8.8.10 Open Beta is Now Available! Here you'll find the Release Notes of this new version. As usual, all the exciting new features, improvements and new presets are free of charge for all existing Mistika VR Users as a part of the SGO Loyalty Rewards Program. New Features: Official Apple ProRes support. The support for ProRes formats is highly improved, both in terms of speed and metadata, using the latest new Apple ProRes SDK. EXR DWA support on Mistika VR. EXR DWA. This is an image format developed by ILM and mainly used as an intermediate format for VFX workflows. Probably the most popular variant is DWA (created by DreamWorks Animation). It is an image sequence (one frame per file), which makes it ideal for many VFX workflows, and in fact, most VFX applications support this format. A difference to movie files it can be rendered in parallel (several render nodes working together to render the same clip) with render managers like Smedge, Deadline, or Mistika Ultima BatchManager. Also, it can be partially “patched” when needed (as a difference, “movie” files need to be rewritten completely). This permits an interesting workflow for Mistika VR users: You can render the first stitch for initial review (for example with Mistika Boutique or Mistika Review products) and then adjust and re-render only the parts containing fixes. To do that just put the edit marks in the area to fix and render with the same name, so Mistika will only overwrite the selected frames. (obviously, this technique only works as long as you do not need to move the horizon or other geometry settings anymore) Another advantage of the EXR format is that it supports 16bit per channel, which makes it ideal for HDR workflows and for high-end cameras in general. EXR DWA provides definable compression, with the default compression value (45) it is considered a “Lossless” format, even for high-end cameras. The EXR DWA format is CPU intensive, but as a difference to jpg, this format is fast to encode and to playback, being possible to playback in Mistika applications at 4K when having decent CPUs. Another EXR variant of common usage is EXR ZIP. This is made by compressing the original image to ZIP format internally ( the ZIP compression is not only lossless but also fully reversible). But It is much slower and less efficient in terms of file sizes when compared to DWA, so it is only recommended when explicitly required by a VFX department. Improvements: Importing the KanDao calibration no longer requires applying a preset first. Using the Insta360 calibration tool no longer requires applying a preset first. New Presets: Preset for Vuze Plus added. Preset for ZCam V1Pro added. Preset for Insta360 Pro2 preset added. Preset for Kandao at 1900x1500 resolution added. Fixes: 1565 Changing frame rate with Mistika VR running wasn’t changing the frame rate for the renders. 1588 PtGui was showing an error message when sending images from an unnamed timeline. 1659 Import Kandao calibration tool wasn’t working when merging sequences. 1774 The zCam V1 preset ought to be renamed to V1 Pro. 1968 When creating a project with a name that contained upper & lower case characters and exceeded a certain length, it had been recognized as not valid. 1978 The Relink window was not accessible when changing a project with offline media. 1991 Inject Spatial Media Metadata was not working properly with 'bitrate' codecs (VLC-proper issue). Metadata was present in a generated video but VLC didn’t use it. Our tests generated movies with PotPlayer (https://potplayer.daum.net/) which correctly interpreted the Stereo and 3D information. 2009 When drag & drop any kind of media from the Windows browser to Mistika VR, the media was moved to the Trash. This was Windows-proper issue, where those modifiers act in that way. 2031 Autopano executable could not be linked in the stitch configuration window. 2051 Import of BMP files was causing a few issues. 2056 The mosaic view was showing still images incorrectly. 2087 ‘Save a single image’ tool was not saving the images in the current project. 2089 Import from PtGui 11: If the Lens type was other than Full Frame Fisheye, the results shown were incorrect. 2090 It was not possible to use drag & drop function to load Autopano Projects. 2091 When setting One Input view mode, the Visual Editor controls were not working properly. 2097 The Message shown when render encoder fails was misleading. 2111 KanDao metadata import was not setting all necessary parameters. 2112 Insta360 Pro calibration was not setting all necessary parameters. 2113 Troubles when sending more than 14 images to PTGui or Autopano. 2124 The link to the Forums in the Help Menu wasn’t correct. 2145 When rendering with the command line an incorrect resolution was assigned. 2170 For Top-Bottom media (Yi Horizon) the crop circle size overlay was drawing an incorrect size. 2172 The “pixel ratio” was working inversely between Mistika VR and Mistika Boutique.
  8. Hi all Welcome to Mistika Boutique Community! ? To get you off to a great start with Mistika Boutique, please take a look at some of the resources through our Mistika Boutique TUTORIAL LIBRARY on Youtube HERE. We invite you to connect with our creatives in Facebook group Mistika Boutique Users or share your thoughts on this Mistika Boutique Forum. Mistika Boutique learning resources, advance workflows tips, minimum system requirements, and other useful documentation are available HERE. Find out more about Mistika Boutique HERE. Enjoy Mistika Boutique!
  9. Hi all We are delighted to announce that a pre-release of Mistika Boutique, an all new and affordable full-finishing software solution for Windows and MacOs, is now officially available. Offering an extensive spectrum of fully-integrated finishing tools, essential for creating first-class content, including color grading, VFX, Stereo 3D, and VR/360º, Mistika Boutique places its users at the very forefront of the content production industry that today requires versatile, adaptable and multi-skilled professionals. Mistika Boutique offers a professional immersive toolset, ensuring perfect results working with 360º media. Being natively integrated and fully compatible with the industry-adopted stitching software Mistika VR allows a highly efficient workflow by just sharing project metadata which eliminates the need of intermediate rendering. After the period of beta testing, Mistika Boutique will be exclusively available through the SGO shop based on a pay-per-use business model with flexible payment options from just €99 a month. Creatives and facilities will get to choose between various different editions, adapting features and functionality priced according to their needs. Mistika Boutique plans can be found HERE. Enjoy Mistika Boutique!
  10. Hi Stefan Many thanks for reaching out. You can check this tutorial which explains more about Stereo Stitching in Mistika VR: https://vimeo.com/233521636 You can also check the Stereoscopic alignment on our Quick Guide of Mistika VR: https://bit.ly/2Xa4YwY If you need additional assistance you can open a ticket on our support portal: https://support.sgo.es/support/home and our technical team will be more than happy to help you. Kind regards.
  11. Hi Guest Many thanks for reaching out. I would kindly ask you to open a ticket on our support portal: https://support.sgo.es/support/home usually this is the fastest and easiest way to get your problem solved. Simply click on the "New Support Ticket" button in the upper right corner and our technical team will be happy to assist you. Kindest regards,
  12. Hi Michael Many thanks for reaching out. I would kindly ask you to open a support ticket here: https://support.sgo.es/support/home this is usually the easiest and fastest way. Best regards,
  13. Hi Xalcelay Many thanks for reaching out and sorry for our late reply. If you haven't been assisted yet, I would kindly ask you to open a ticket on our Support Portal here:https://support.sgo.es/support/home Best regards,
  14. Hi Brian Many thanks for reaching out. I would kindly ask you to open a ticket on our support portal: https://support.sgo.es/support/home This is usually the fastest and easiest way! Happy New Year! Regards,
  15. Hi VR Community! Mistika VR 8.8.8 is Now Released and the Release Notes are available as well. As usual, all the exciting new features, improvements and presets are free of charge for all existing Mistika VR Users as a part of the SGO Loyalty Rewards Program. Also, this functionality will also be available in the Evaluation version. New features & New Presets: 1.Insta360 Pro2 camera support: Mistika VR is now able to stitch Insta360 Pro 2 footage at the highest level of precision due to the newly incorporated Insta360 Pro 2 calibration libraries. 2. Kolor Autopano Giga integration*: Mistika VR can open APG with a set of frames exported, and read the calibration from the .pano file created by APG. 3. PTGui 11 support: The new format is supported. MistikaVR now implements the new “fisheye factor parameter” introduced by PTGui 11. 4. Vuze XR camera support: Single movie with dual video track supported. 5. Vuze XR camera presets for VR1803D and VR360 modes added. 6. Detu Max camera preset added. 7. PiSoftTech Pilot Era camera preset added. 8. Insta360 One X camera preset added. 9. ZCam K1 camera 2120x1248 resolution preset added. 10. 360Rize SeaDak camera preset added. * The complete guide on how to use Autopano Giga files in Mistika VR can be found here: https://bit.ly/2L8b7nU Improvements: Licensing stability improvements. Improvements in the Project Settings Editor Fixes: 1995 To cancel Edit mode in the Project Manager window was not allowed. 1970 Making too much zoom in the timeline was causing troubles on some occasions. 1979 Loading pointer was shown in the Relink Window. 1978 The Relink window was inaccessible when changing a project with offline media. 1976 ProRes rendered files was not containing metadata for color information. 2032 Anti Aliasing issue has been fixed. 2021 An environment was not replacing a new name after a relinking process. 2030 The camera order on the import process was incorrect. 2034 Render option to MP4 is now added in the video render menu. 2043 The Activation tool was not recognizing the license server and internet connection. 2050 The automatic launcher system after installing a license first time was creating some issues. 2072 Keyframing edge points feature is back. 2089 PTGui 11 support: Any Lens model can be imported without any problem. PTGui11 support: Fisheye parameter import fixed. Cache green bar drawing fixed.
  16. Hi all, As promised, Mistika VR 8.8.7 Release Notes are now available. As usual, all the exciting new features, improvements and presets are free of charge for all existing Mistika VR Users as part of the SGO Loyalty Rewards Program. After the Official release, this functionality will also be available in the evaluation version. New features: 1. Keyframe animation: Long requested by the users, finally coming! Every parameter of the stitching can be now animated. To enable animation, select a parameter and use the “add keyframe” from its contextual menu. Any further modifications to this parameter at different times will automatically add new keyframes. The output camera heading and edge point positions can be animated dragging over the image, once they were converted to animated. For the selected parameter, keyframe marks will be shown in the timeline bar. The keyframes in the timeline bar can be moved in time using ctrl+drag on them. Selecting the keyframe marks in the bar will snap the time position precisely to that of the keyframe. There are now “next key” / “prev key” buttons in the toolbar. 2. Insta360 Pro calibration tool now included. The “use Insta360 Pro calibration” is not simply a calibration import, like in the previous release. This tool actually calls the calibration tool provided by Insta360, for the frame you are viewing in the moment of using it. This allows an easy selection of a good calibration frame, as the calibration results can be seen immediately applied in MistikaVR. 3. Insta360 One now supported: New Flip Horizontal parameter added, necessary to support Insta360 One camera. New preset for Insta360 One added. KanDao QooCam presets added, for both VR3D180 and VR360 mode. 4. Vertical Alignment tool: The Experimental tool allowing precise human-assisted alignment especially for VR180 shots, where there are not yet good automatic tools available. Improvements: Much faster loading of the timelines: Storyboard icons are now saved with the timeline, and restored at the load, avoiding a costly access and recalculation of all the shots in the timeline just to recreate the storyboard. Reorder Kandao utility now supports Obsidian Go camera. Fixes: 1385 Tiny planet output camera mapping fixed. 1539 Progress bar of audio render now shows correct “fps” values. 1556 The rendered clip numbers now do match the shot numbers in the storyboard. 1571 Overlapping license & media offline pop up message issue. 1607 “Inject VR Metadata” now works in “render all shots” mode. 1641 Project manager overlapping window in full-screen mode. 1671 Progress bar: Calculation of estimated remaining time is now more precise. 1672 Persistence of storyboard icons is broken (all products). 1675 If more than 32 cameras are added, an edge point appears, is impossible to remove. 1587 Problem when importing files from a path with symbols in the name. 1632 Keyframes disappears after stabilization. 1638 SGO icon is cropped in the installer window. 1642 Vuze media change the format and fps of the active project. 1648 Reorder Kandao utility does not work with some files structures. 1650 No spaces in the project name allowed. 1652 Issues with image stack importation. 1538 GUI scaling issues in UHD. 1655 Refresh issue in Clip Stack icons. 1659 Import Kandao calibration tool does not work with merged sequences. 1657 Wrong information in the color grading tools. 1658 Pressing enter in the render window opens the config codec. 1661 cmd hotkeys related to OSX does not work. 1664 Merge tool does not work with GoPro files. 1665 Viewer does not come back to B&W Anaglyph after a positioning action. 1662 Doesn't work if User is not admin in Windows systems. 1680 Mistika VR - FPS is wrongly shown in the VE. 1682 Import Kandao Calibration does not say anything when it fails. 1667 At the start, loading an autosave, the “load” points to autosave folder, not to DATA. 1666 Progress bar of audio render shows very low "fps" number. 1561 When stepping in the storyboard using shift+ left/right arrow, there is a small window flashing in the corner. 1733 License server crash. 1813 The installation of the Mistika VR plugins is missing (Paint, Title y Warp). 1638 SGO icon is cropped in the installer window. 1648 Reorder Kandao utility does not work with some files structures. 1655 Refresh issue in Clip Stack icons. 1787 Custom presets for resolution projects disappear when restarting Misitka VR. 1679 Crash when launching the License Server. 1661 cmd hotkey-related to OSX does not work. 1855 H265 lossless codec in 8K does not work in Premiere Pro. The lossless mode is a bit problematic because it can generate very high bitrates, which exceed the format specifications. Using quality or bitrate constrained versions of the nVidia HEVC codec, should work. 1845 IN and OUT wrong behavior. 1877 Autoload the last environment used. 1780 Missing .vrenv extension with Chinese characters. 1734 Edge point keyframes not refresh. 1927 Canon Raw files cannot be loaded. 1838 Timeline zoom reset when using IN/OUt marks. 1689 Process with yellow marks does not start when selecting the last frame in a shot. 1665 Viewer does not come back to B&W Anaglyph after a positioning action. 1587 Problem when importing files from a path with symbols in the name. 1710 Show one input mode could show a black image if left only or right only cameras used. 1963 Some camera icons are lost after disable an input camera in Stereo shots. 1969 The SGO Activation tool does not open without a license. 1710 Show One Input option shows a black image in one of the eyes in VR 180. 1844 A installation fails when trying to install an older version. 1952 Audio exported file wrongly labeled. 1972 Style.ccs file is removed in the SGO Activation tool when uninstalling an app and others SGO apps are kept in the system. 1945 Kandao calibration tool does not work properly in Windows OS. 1658 Pressing enter in the render window opens the config codecs window.
  17. Hi all, We are happy to Release the new version of Mistika VR 8.8.5 to all Mistika VR customers. The latest Mistika VR version is already available free of charge to all existing customers. You can Download it from your downloads page https://www.sgo.es/my-account/downloads Your license should support this new feature, as all existing customer licenses have been upgraded, but if you can not see the functionality, please, contact support at support.sgo.es What is coming in this new version 8.8.5 from beta version: New features: Stabilization now has the “Prioritize Front” option. This allows the user to hint the system which direction of view is important, and stabilize it more precisely at cost of the opposite (back) direction. Also, improves on shots where back direction is best ignored because it contains something not intended to be stabilized, like the person hand carrying the rig, for example. Also, stabilization is now robust to large changes in the pole regions, especially common with drone shots. Shot now can be selected by simple mouse click in the storyboard shots list). No Shift+click required anymore. Preset added for the iZugar Z6X3D-C rig Preset for ZCamS1Pro_2880X2880 updated to enable stereoscopy Application added for renaming KanDao time-lapse shots so they can be imported by MistikaVR as image sequences Fixes: Projects and renders now can be stored in folders containing square [ ] and round ( ) brackets KanDao movies with 1900×1500 resolution produced green border on their right margin, now fixed Undo for Delete and Duplicate shots now works correctly The top menu bar entries were updated to match the options available form the option pulldowns and contextual menus in other parts of the GUI Drag&Drop of multiple movies now sorts the cameras alphabetically to assure the cameras order is the expected one .pts files import crash fixed when shapes were used in PTGui By default, ProRes encode now uses all CPU cores available, instead of being fixed at 8 cores. Now, if frame rate is changed with Mistika VR GUI already open, the change will be applied to the renders, without need to exit and enter. Now, if you select another project with MistikaVR already open, the file browser will change to showing the files of the selected project. Autosave now works with Cyrillic characters in the file name If importing twice from PtGui, the file browser path were wrong on the second import Render to Prores 444+alpha did produce empty movies The autosave timelines now use the .vrenv extension so they can be easily loaded What is coming in this beta version: New Presets Detu F4 Plus Panasonic GH5 x2 with Entanyia 250 lens New Features / Improvements New “Stabilize” pulldown menu containing the new stabilization features. "One Click" Stabilization. “Stabilization->Follow Overall Heading” toggle. “Stabilization->Follow heading after x frames”. Re-apply stabilization. Edge Points menu options are now in an independent pulldown. Storyboard Clone Shot. Use right mouse click over an icon to access the “Clone Shot” option. The chosen shot will be duplicated, allowing mainly to experiment with multiple versions of the same shot. VR 180 support. SBS VR180 Stereo visualization mode added to the visualization pulldown. Left/Right VR180 Stereo render mode added in the Render->Stereo pulldown. Fixed bugs: fix-1395 Error rendering to MP4 in batch with audio in movie. fix-1527 File Naming issues with cyrillic types. fix-1550 In&Out render marks were lost if importing a preset after setting these. fix-1440 Impossible to see the project structure when it is changed. fix-1555 WORK path lost after upgrading versions. Aditional info about the version: The Stabilization is the main new feature and the reason of this version. There is whole new “Stabilize” pulldown for this functionality set, next to the “Positions” pulldown. The Stabilize pulldown contains following entries: Stabilize: this is the one-click command. It will: Bake in the Output camera setting to clear it for placing the stabilization information. Scan the range defined by the time marks for overall scene movement. Apply the stabilization according to the “follow” setting. “Follow Overall Heading” toggle: If it is checked, the stabilization will only try to compensate the camera shake, but respect the overall heading of the rig, so the camera 1 will stay generally centered. This allows stabilizing the camera moving in a curved route, like a car driving around. If the toggle is unchecked, the stabilization will try to keep the view as steady as possible, however, it can get confused by one side of the scene advancing while other not, making the scene gradually roll or tilt. “Follow heading after x frames”: This is the number of frames the stabilization will settle on a new camera heading. Low number means swifter following, but possibly less smooth results. Large number means slower time of reorientation. “Re-apply stabilize”: This will re-apply instantly the last stabilize using new setting for the “follow” toggle and value, without a need of a rescan. To reset the stabilization, in the output tab, use the “Reset all values” option. How to use The Stabilization: Set the render marks to delimit the stabilization time range. Then, level the horizon approximately on a frame representative of the range to stabilize, so the stabilizer gets a reasonably leveled horizon to start with. Run the Stabilize command, and after, level the horizon again, it will be applied on top of the stabilization. During the Stabilization scan, it may be a good idea to switch off the Optical Flow parameter toggle. Normally It would likely make little difference and would slow down the scan. Stabilization should be normally run after aligning your scene and matching the colors. Important Note: This functionality will not be included in the Evaluation Version until the final release is done. ------------------------------------------------------- MAINTENANCE RELEASE Fixed bugs: 1583 Crash if a preset is drag & dropped twice 1572 Refresh issue after stabilizing a sequence 1534 Time bar right click works frequently on second try only 1581 Crash when importing more than 32 cameras 1592 Autosave could crash MistikaVR. This may explain some crashes during longer renders, or when MistikaVR was left unused for a while. 1582 Now the path is correct when you save sequence for the first time 1534 Set dragged flag only in drag event. 1581 Fix to compile ReorderKandao on OSX Improvements: Max number of cameras increased to 64 OZO preset updated: more precise lens distortion, cleaner back seam in stereo. iZugar Z4XL preset added. ZCam K1Pro preset added.
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