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  1. Hi there! You need no preset for the Titan. Import the clips, then import the pro.prj, all parameters should set correctly. Also, you can drag&drop it on top of the eight imported clips. If you have any other questions or technical issues, open a ticket on our Support Portal and our engineering team will be more than happy to help you. Cheers!
  2. Hi Luijt, Yes, you just have to go to the clip stack --> right-click and 'save clip' (this will save the settings of one clip). To apply the same settings for the other clips you have to make the same action but instead of clicking on 'save preset' you just click on 'load preset'. Here's a reference image: With regards to the Insta360 Pro preset, I've just checked and it is available. You just have to make Login and you'll be able to download it. Please, let me know if you have any other questions. Best,
  3. [MASTERCLASS REPLAY] Hi all, in case you missed - here is a replay of the lastest Color Masterclass. Have a look at this Masterclass and learn how to comply and deploy efficient but yet flexible Color Management strategies in Mistika Boutique using ACES and Dolby Vision. You can watch it in HERE. Thank you for a great session, Adrian González!
  4. Hi Jeff, We have uploaded the latest Mistika Masterclass about Color Management. You can find it in HERE. Cheers!
  5. Hi Clay, Thanks for reaching out and your suggestions. You're correct, the functionalities in the VR stitch node aren't mapped to the element panels. Anyway, this would be a great feature to add to future developments. We usually make a feature request survey and users vote for their favorite ones to be implemented. We will consider your request for the next survey. Many thanks again. Cheers!
  6. [OPEN BETA] Mistika Workflows 8.10.1 now available! Hi everyone, An upgraded Open Beta of Mistika Workflows has been released! During the Open Beta, Mistika Workflows is completely free of charge and open to everyone who wants to test-drive it and give their feedback on pre-release versions. Join the 30-day Open Beta program by clicking HERE. What is new in this latest version: New Features Frame.io integration Slack Integration Pix Integration A new ‘streaming universal paths’ mode has been added allowing nodes to provide multiple outputs using a single connector A new AutoRun mode starts automatically queued workflows New ‘Checksum’ node has been added allowing to create and validate MD4, MD5 and SHAI files New ‘Trash’ node added allowing to erase sequences New ‘Move’ node added Improvements H264 codec names made clearer to make them easier to understand. Watch Folders now have an include/exclude field. Send sequences to Frame.io (developer.frame.io) is now possible. Automatic configuration for H264 depending on the selected profile and extended settings for this codec. H264 SW mode now enabled for systems without Nvidia. Commands like ‘print’ have been enhanced by using a lighter color schema to highlight the syntax. Files in Watch Folder are now working correctly. GUI Python libraries now extended. A render warning is given if Audio Codec is set to None, but the transcoder node has audio inputs. Move and Copy nodes has been changed to Tasks group. The workflows can now be queued from the Overview window. Python connectors are now deleted properly when removed from init function. Refresh properties functionality has been improved by having a proper signal. DNxHR .mov file displayed correctly. Fixes Aspera input is now working properly in Linux and macOS. Console autocomplete has been improved. Now drops are accepted when adding a connector to the nodes on the fly. Connectors box has been fixed and no longer shows the wrong size when dragged. ProRes input with H.264 now working correctly.
  7. Hi Clarence, Many thanks for reaching out. Please, send us a frame to Support by opening a ticket on our Support Portal HERE and we will create a preset for you. Best,
  8. [RELEASE] Mistika VR 8.10.1 is now available! Hi all! A new version of Mistika VR is now available providing new features and many other improvements. As usual, this version is available at no extra cost to all Mistika VR active users as a part of the SGO Loyalty Rewards Program. Fixes: 2460 Improved Quick View mode when is activated. 2284 When selecting the Clone Shot option in the Storyboard, the image cloned is now shown correctly. 2468 Now the Activation Tool and the License Server runs correctly for all Mistika applications if Mistika VR is uninstalled. 2499 Banding is no longer produced when working on extremely flat and noiseless image areas on macOS. 2501 The speed to load sequences into the Timeline has been improved. [OPEN BETA] Mistika VR 8.10.1 Open Beta is now available! New features New Hotkeys added: Match Colors: Ctrl + Shift + M Match Color in Time: Ctrl + Shift + N Improve Offsets: Shift + Z Improve Angles: Shift + X Bake in Output Camera: Alt + B Next Keyframe: Shift + Right Previous Keyframe: Shift + Left Remove Edge Point: Shift + Backspace Add Edge Point Left View: Ctrl + Shift + Left Add Edge Point Right View: Ctrl + Shift + Right Fixes 2241 Using the Match color in time tool is now fixed. 2212 A render in LatLong is loaded correctly in Mistika VR. 2459 Improved reading ProRes 444 media. 2243 Relink tool now works with MPEG-4 Quicktime files. 2389 A sequence is saved with an appropriate TC in the timeline. 2191 Upgraded Inject Spatial Metadata when is OFF in the Export window. 2448 The ‘save single frame’ option now does create EXPORT folder in which is allocated the snapshot that this tool generates. 2148 Full Resolution Stills for external stitch can now be created in ‘Quick view mode’. 2293 The ‘Show Feather’ toggle is sync with the actual state. 2429 Project fps is accurate when switching the fps parameter on the fly. 2431 Pulldown menu in Project manager edit options is now available on the fly. 2247 Refresh when changing project settings on the fly is now fixed. 2236 Enhanced ‘Pixel Ratio’ with Optical Flow mode active. 2414 Improvement: Hotkeys added for Match color and improved tools. 2237 Import Stitch now opens the correct path in Windows systems.
  9. [OPEN BETA] Hi all, A new upgrade of Mistika Workflows is now available. During the Open Beta, Mistika Workflows is completely free of charge and open to everyone who wants to test-drive it and give their feedback on pre-release versions. Join the 30-day Open Beta program by clicking HERE. Main highlights of the latest version: Frame.io Integration. Newly added Frame.io node allows uploading the files to Frame.io platform. If a file with the same name already exists in the selected Folder, the new file is uploaded as a new version. New Checksum Node supporting md4, md5 and SHA1. Non GPU H264 Codec added for OSX systems without Nvidia graphic card. New Copy Node supporting multiple inputs. New Move Node. New Trash Node. Fixed Issues: Improved behaviour of Autocompleting Python console in case of sensitivity. Files are no longer locked during processing in Windows. More Qt classes are now exposed in Python. Fixed behaviour in some file Paths. Online help URL working properly now. Tar output connector now working correctly. Improved EXR render to Prores. Timecode used to be mismatched. Improved rendering of single frame sequences. Improved frames population by EXR sequences. Known Issues: Some aspects of the file Metadata extract to be improved. Inappropriate behaviour of 16 bit ProRes media.
  10. [RELEASE] Mistika Boutique 8.10 is now available! Hi everyone! The latest version of Mistika Boutique is now available offering its users upgraded HDR workflows, expanded hardware and RAW formats support, exciting new features and many other enhancements and stability improvements made throughout the software. As usual, all the upgrades added to Mistika Boutique are available to all active users at no extra cost as a part of SGO Loyalty Rewards Program. In this video, you'll find explained in more detail what is new in this version New Features: The latest ARRI, Sony, Canon and RED SDK supported. Improvements: The FX Filter: Contrast Band FX, Band Dither FX, Enhance FX, Outlines FX and The Posterize FX now working at 16 bits. 2308 Customs Presets can now be modified in mConfig. 2537 Now the correct metadata is generated when rendering in Drop Frame. 2495 Improved functionality of rendering to XAVC format 2542 Fonts can now be reloaded properly in a new installation. 2543 Fixed Geometry of the Vector Paint window. 2503 Conforming from Premiere is now possible also against shots with multiple and variable frame rates. Fixes: 2292 Canon debayer now working properly. 2287 Fixed behaviour of Sony RAW Parameters when changing the Source Gamut. 1480 Unicolor functionality working properly within Display Filter. 2474 Fixed behaviour of creating textures with Vector paint Effect in 20Kx20K resolution. 2385 Exporting JS YUV10p to TIFF 8 bit working properly. 2522 Conforming an XML from Premiere now works properly in Mistika. 2512 Display Filters associated to presets working correctly. 2443 Fixed Error Message when importing in a specific way 2527 Fixed Playback cache in Windows. 2517 Fixed framing issue when working with Sony Venice footage in the macOS version. 2531 Filter Effects being loaded properly now. 1858 Socket Color Feature now showing the colors properly. 2482 New fonts can now be reloaded. 2444 Improved import process of the media to the node graph. 2303 Fixed rendering to ProRes and 16 channels. 2530 Sony OCN files can now also be loaded in the macOS version. 2518 The “Load Params Tool” now working correctly with Canon files in the macOS. 2523 Roundtrip workflow between Premiere in Mistika now possible. 2526 Mistika is now able to find a proper path for the Display Filters folder. 2514 P. Cache directory is now created correctly in the first installation. 2515 Fixed error when Playback cache directory is not set properly in mConfig. Error: Unable to open Xfs file for writing. 2288 Sony RAW Params Effect now loads properly all the parameters. 2504 Fixed Conforming from .rnd file on HFR. Known issue: Drag and Drop functionality doesn’t work correctly in macOS Catalina due to an issue in QT libraries. [OPEN BETA MAINTENANCE RELEASE] Fixes: 2412 OFX plugins are now shown properly in the FX Tab. 2457 The “Modify Clip” attributes option in media file browser now works correctly in Windows. 2472 CP 2000 Tangent mapping added. 1735 Group navigation working properly now. 2481 Fixed RGBA to RGB conversion for specific horizontal resolutions. 2463 Fixed Playback of some particular audio wav files. 2458 R3D partial restore relinking working properly now even when the first segment is missing. 2005 Trim and Ungroup functionality working correctly when conforming AAF. 2502 Fixed Precision Panel labels. 2499 Fixed banding issue on macOS. 2478 When creating a Display Filter it appears correctly in the Display Filter menu. 2475 Edit attributes appearing correctly when a selection tool is used. 2470 Fixed relinking behaviour with image sequences. 2498 Expanded render naming options. 2217 ACES-ODT node working properly on macOS. 2479 Export EDL2 naming option now available. [OPEN BETA] Mistika Boutique 8.10 Open Beta is now available! New Features: Blackmagic Design DeckLink I/O Support. BMD Desktop Video 11.3 Dolby Vision Support (Dolby Vision Workflow video tutorial can be found HERE) External Render Farm Support Precision Panel Support New Subtitle Interface with expanded Configuration Options Path Translation (Relink tool) Customized Tangent Remap functionality New RED SDK Support, now much faster using NVidia Cuda (for Boutique Windows & Ultima Linux) Note: BMD Video Drivers need to be version 11.3 Fixes: 2153 Improved Stereo 3D Dual link when outputting to UHD/4K resolutions in MacOS version. 2313 ‘Use Insta360Pro calibrate’ option in the VR Stitch effect is now working properly. 2402 Mute button in Window Tab when using Tangent Panels is now working correctly. 2296 Improved importing of AAFs with Sapphire Effects in Default Configuration. 2297 Improved importing of AAFs with Sapphire Effects with the Import unsupported effects parameter activated. 2418 Fixed compositing with Comp3D effect. 2305 Fixed Vector Paint working with Alpha Channel. 2306 Added Time Editor shape parameters in Vector Paint. 2310 Shortcuts added for bypass function in the Node Graph. 2387 Floating window now shows accordingly to display resolution. 2437 Exporting EDL, EDL 2, filename and saving the file now working properly. 1964 When exporting EDL2 now use correct Record Timecode. 2434 Improved behaviour of DNG raw files in Color and Framing. 2407 Fixed rendering of DPX clips. 2341 Improved behaviour of Paths while importing media. 2379 Second Video Output from S3D live mode to Dual Link now working properly. 2206 EDL 2 STC export issue fixed. 2426 Improved functionality of the CPL when preparing DCPs. 2328 Fixed rendering to ProRes 444. 2423 Support for ProRes on MXF files working properly now. 2397 TC now set correctly in DPX clips. 2417 Fixed TC reading Avid MXF files. 2239 Relink of image sequences when conforming XMLs now working correctly. 2441 TC display in Global timecode ruler (in Time space) now working properly. 2211 Improved when loading Canon decoder. Known issues: Tangent mapping management not working properly in this first Open Beta. ACES-ODT not working correctly on macOS. Wrong labels in some parameters in Precision Panel. Fixed in the next Beta. [Important] License Activation: Your license can be activated either with SGO's Activation Tool or with the Activation Wizard located on SGO Website using one of the following options: Option 1: Go to your SGO Online Account and make sure to be Loged in first. Go to Activation Codes. Click on the 'Activate' button situated next to the version you want to Install (See example below). Follow the Instructions in the SGO Activation Wizard website. Option 2: Go to SGO Activation Wizard Website HERE. Make sure to be Loged in first. Follow the instructions in the SGO Activation Wizard website.
  11. Hi Jan, Many thanks for sharing your feedback and ideas about the Mistika Masterclasses, much appreciated. Yes, FX is definitely a priority content for the upcoming Masterclasses. Best, Melanie
  12. Hi everybody, This section of the forum will be exclusively to announce Release Notes when a new version of Mistika Workflows is available If you need to report an issue or want to make any questions or suggestion related to Mistika Workflows, we invite you to post it on the Bugs Section which is situated inside the Mistika Workflows Forum. Also, if you face any technical issues during the Download, Installation or Activation Process, please do no hesitate to reach out by opening a ticket on our Support Portal and our technical team will be more than happy to help you. Cheers!
  13. Hi all, Welcome to Mistika Workflows Community! To get you off to a great start with Mistika Workflows, check out our VIDEO TUTORIALS on Youtube. Also, you can connect with other professionals in Facebook group Mistika Workflows Users or share your thoughts on this Forum. Mistika Workflows larning resources, minimum system requirements and other useful documentation are available HERE. Find out more about the Open Beta program HERE.
  14. Hi all! Welcome to Mistika Workflows Official Forum SGO has announced a pre-release of Mistika Workflows, its first dedicated Media Management, Transcoding and Delivery software solution. Currently in the Open Beta phase, Mistika Workflows is completely free of charge and open to everyone who wants to test-drive it and give their feedback on pre-release versions. Join the 30-day Open Beta program by clicking HERE. Free of charge, one time offer, for all active Mistika Technology subscribers After the period of beta testing, Mistika Workflows will be available online through the SGO Shop based on a pay-per-use business model with flexible payment options from just Euro €49 a month. As a part of SGO Loyalty Reward Program all active Mistika VR and Mistika Boutique subscribers at the time of release will get a copy of Mistika Workflows included in their existing subscription. In the upcoming days, they will find the software installer and activation code in their Online Account on SGO website. As long as the current subscriptions are being maintained active and not canceled, Mistika Workflows will come included completely free of charge. In addition, all Mistika Ultima customers on support will have access to Mistika Workflows at no extra cost. Find out more about Mistika Workflows Open Beta HERE.
  15. [MASTERCLASS REPLAY] Hi all, in case you missed - here is a replay of the last weeks' Color Masterclass Have a look at this complete overview of the professional Color-grading toolset in Mistika Boutique, SGO’s finishing software solution for Windows and macOS. Thank you for a great session, Francisco Ramos Howell! https://youtu.be/dzgqX-U-x3Y
  16. Mistika Boutique 8.8.2 is now available! Hi Mistika Boutique Community! Here you'll find the release notes of this new version. As usual, all the exciting new features and upgrades added to Mistika Boutique are available to all Boutique active users at no extra cost New Features: Video Board autodetection. Added VLOG-L Mode Panasonic in Unicolor effect. Support for Sony X-OCN codec. Support for Neat Video version 5. Fixes: 2235 Change Request: Grade Effect has been renamed as Gradient. 2250 VR Stitch Effect is now faster when more than 32 inputs are used. 2277 Fixed XML conform issue with Framing and TimeWarps. 2286 Change Request: Mistika now allows the configuration of the render with handles in frames rather than timecode. 2291 Frame rates from some AAFs now can be loaded properly.
  17. [RELEASE] Mistika VR 8.10 is Now Available! Hi Mistika VR Community! Here you'll find the Release Notes of this new version. As usual, all the exciting new features, new presets and upgrades are available to all Mistika VR active users at no extra cost as a part of the SGO Loyalty Rewards Program. In this video, you'll find explained in more detail "What is new in Mistika VR 8.10" New Features: Stitch feather parameter for an individual camera is supported. GPU RAM usage optimized, reduced from 40% to 60%. This allows working at higher resolutions on smaller GPUs. Scale factor to resize the GUI in Mistika VR options. New Presets: New preset added: Panono New preset added: Teche Phimax3D New preset added: Teche TE720 New preset added: iZugar Z4XC Improvements: Loading timeline is now faster Switching between shots is now faster Kandao 3420x2700 resolution supported Insta360 Titan support improvements
  18. Hi Mistika Boutique users! :) Due to numerous requests to extend the Special Launch Promotion and to celebrate the launch of Mistika Masterclass training sessions, we have decided to introduce a new offer – a 50% discount on Professional Immersive Edition of Mistika Boutique, our recently released full-finishing solution for Windows and macOS. BUY NOW! This new limited-time offer is only for Mistika Boutique Professional Immersive Edition Monthly and Annual Subscriptions and also for the 30-day and 1-year single-use licenses. Valid for orders placed by 31 May 2019 with the special price for a subscription being maintained as long as it is not canceled and remains active.
  19. Hi everybody! SGO announced Mistika Masterclass, free online live training sessions, providing its users with a thorough understanding of Mistika Boutique, the recently released full-finishing software solution for Windows and macOS. This ongoing series of interactive learning for Mistika Boutique will cover an extensive spectrum of topics, from basic operations to the most advanced techniques and tricks, and also providing innovative solutions for technical challenges faced during content creation. The first introductory Mistika Boutique Masterclass will take place on Thursday, May 9 at 09:00 and 18:00 (UTC/GMT) and will provide a general overview of the software. MISTIKA MASTERCLASS Mistika Boutique Fundamentals A complete guide to get you off to a great start with Mistika Boutique Mistika Boutique Interface: Timeline, Dashboard and Visual Editor MConfig: Project & User Settings Creating a Project and basic Media Import Basic operations in the Timeline: Navigation, Clips, and the Stack Concept The Stack in the Visual Editor & Evaluation Tree The Parameters Editor Storyboard as a navigation Edit and Play Marks After the first part of the masterclass, a Mistika Technology product specialist will be available to answer questions raised during the session. Make sure to sign up in advance as places to the Mistika Boutique Masterclass are limited. Sign up now by clicking on the Mistika Masterclass session of your choice below: 09:00 (UTC/GMT) 18:00 (UTC/GMT) Join the Mistika Masterclass and win one of the prizes worth more than €5,000! All the Masterclass assistants will be able to participate in a big giveaway for a chance to win one of the prizes listed below: 1x One-year license of Mistika Boutique Professional Immersive Edition (€3,390) 1x One-year license of Boris FX Mocha Pro ($595) 1x One-year license of Boris FX Continuum ($695) 1x One-year license of Boris FX Sapphire ($895) The giveaway will be held live at the end of the Masterclass among the participants with a random name picker software.
  20. Hi everybody! We are delighted to announce that Mistika Boutique 8.8.1 is now officially available! Here you'll find the release notes of this version. As usual, all the new upgrades are free of charge for all existing Mistika Boutique Users as a part of SGO's Loyalty Rewards Program. What is new in Mistika Boutique 8.8.1: Integration of Panasonic Varicam LT library. ACES updated to the latest version 1.1. Enhanced output of UHD and 4K formats. The latest version of AJA driver 15.x and firmware have to be installed for proper functionality. Cineform format support improved. Fixes: 2143 Improved rendering of AVI Movie DV25 codec. 2125 Mocha Pro tracking performance enhancements. 2173 Tiff files visualization improved with newly added FreeImage library support. 1703 Upgraded keyframe visualization in slider when working with layer blend. 1911 Fixed behaviour of R3D parameters in alpha channel when applied in ACES mode. 2006 Improved performance of the Alpha Channel in Solid Effect. 2085 Upgraded behaviour of the Burn tool when sending the selected information in Record Monitor to live video. 1984 Improved stability of overlay burn tool in a rendered file. 2197 Fixed output in live video with RGBA Apple ProRes Files. 2188 Improved behaviour of vectorscope scale in Nits. 2205 Special Symbols can now be used to name render presets and audio paths. 1962 Changed TC behaviour in render. The timecode clip is now controlled by the parameter Metadata Source / Filter. It has two options: "Lowermost clip" and "Only used clips". When “only used clips” option is selected, the render will apply the upper clip as timecode source. 2084 Fixed communication between Record Monitor and Visual Effect window when using a Display Filter. 2221 Fixed destination target in the render tab in a clean installation. 2224 Improved conforming using RND files. 2228 Upgraded management of AAF multiple video tracks files. 2218 Enhanced rendering with holes and Proxy activated. 2225 Output to HDMI in 4K resolution with AJA io 4K video board is now available in MacOs systems.
  21. Hi Abel Many thanks for taking the time to test Mistika Boutique and we're glad you have enjoyed the ride so far. Your feedback has been essential and will help us to continue improving the software. You're always welcome to keep testing features of Mistika Boutique by downloading the Eval Version! Please, do not hesitate to contact us anytime! Kind regards.
  22. Hi Rob Many thanks for reaching out and using Mistika Boutique in the Open Beta period which is very much appreciated. Indeed, the Open Beta period is for one month so it is normal to receive the license notification. As you might know, Mistika Boutique 8.8.0 has been officially released last week and the 30-Day Evaluation Version is available which is free of charge and includes all the features and toolsets, however, it is limited in terms of rendering - allowing to render only to compressed formats: Mistika, AVI DV Movie, AVI movie, MXF VC3 movie and Quicktime movie. If you want to keep testing the software this could be a good option Let me know if you have any other question! Kind regards
  23. Hi all Mistika Boutique 8.8.0 Release is now officially available! Mistika Boutique places its users at the very forefront of the content production industry that today requires versatile, adaptable and multi-skilled professionals by offering an extensive spectrum of fully-integrated finishing tools, essential for creating first-class content, including color grading, VFX, Stereo 3D and VR/360º. Special Launch Promotion During the first month of release, SGO is offering a Special Launch Promotion*. Everyone subscribing by 30 April 2019 will get the Professional Immersive Edition of Mistika Boutique for only €99/month or €990/year, which represents a saving of over 65 percent on the normal price. The Special Launch Promotion price will be maintained as long as the subscription is not canceled and remains active. You can subscribe now HERE. More information about the official release of Mistika Boutique can be found HERE. Improvements in Mistika Boutique: 2080 Improved behaviour in the Shape Module. Shape labeling issue resolved. 1754 Better Shape Management. The selection between the shapes used to change if they were intersecting or very close to one another. 2189 Improved and more accurate parameters of performance options based on the hardware in SGO mConfig. 2190 Improved “Export image set” and “Export Single Frame” inside the VR Stitch effect. 2186 Improved Loading of the FilmConvert plugin. 2198 Rendering of ProRes with 16 audio channels improved. 2208 Better rendering of EXR files with the audio tab selected. Latest improvement in Mistika Boutique: When Mistika Boutique is configured in UHD and 4K resolution the live video output is working properly. Performance recommendations: To configure the Performance options correctly on the first installation of Mistika Boutique, follow the instructions HERE.
  24. Hi all, We are delighted to announce that an update of Mistika Boutique 8.8.0 Open Beta is now available! As you know, Mistika Boutique Open Beta Program is completely free of charge and open to all. After the period of beta testing, Mistika Boutique will be exclusively available through the SGO shop based on a pay-per-use business model with flexible payment options from just €99 a month. Creatives and facilities will get to choose between various different editions, adapting features and functionality priced according to their needs. Mistika Boutique plans can be found HERE. To update to Mistika Boutique 8.8.0 go to the Downloads section of your SGO Account. To provide you with the very best experience using Mistika Boutique, we kindly ask you to fill out a 2-minute SURVEY and tell us what you think. To start the SURVEY , click HERE. Here's the list of fixes in this new Open Beta version: 2086 Refresh issue when using two monitors and Scopes. 2146 Troubles recognizing the HDMI for an external monitor. 2152 Possible issues after rendering to EXR. 2158 When opening a project the media browser did not open. 2161 Original values in the Project Manager window corresponded to Current values and vice-versa. 2163 Unable to cut and paste files in the Mistika media browser. 2164 When changing from one project to another, troubles opening the Home path. 2165 When changing from one timeline to another the focus of save window hidden underneath GUI. 2169 Extract Kandao Calibration Metadata did not warn when a shot had no metadata.
  25. Hi everybody! [NEW RELEASE - April 23, 2019] Mistika VR 8.8.10 is now officially released Here you'll find the release notes of this new version. As usual, all the exciting new features, improvements and new presets are available at no extra cost for all existing Mistika VR Users as a part of the SGO Loyalty Rewards Program. New Presets: Insta 360 One preset removed and replaced by separated presets according to their resolution. Insta360 One X presets list completed. Presets for Insta 360 EVO VR180_3D and VR360 added. Preset for Ricoh Theta V added. Preset for OUTERDO camera added. New features: Insta 360 Titan Pro.prj calibration libraries integrated. Fixes: 2195 The alt+b shortcut now enables to use the ‘bake option’ on the Yaw-Pitch-Roll parameters in the output camera. 2199 The avformat.cfg file containing the information of render formats now allows to see .mp4 format in the render dropdown menu. 1973 Improved paths for WORK and MATERIAL folders for new installations. 2185 The Yaw value can now be set without the need of setting Pitch and Roll parameters. 2184 The “Tab” key has been upgraded allowing to step to the next parameter in any folder control effect panel. 2187 Save sequences into an active project is now also possible if installation paths carries special symbols. 2207 Match Color in Time now allows to set longer clip length in the time step. [OPEN BETA] Mistika VR 8.8.10 Open Beta is Now Available! Here you'll find the Release Notes of this new version. As usual, all the exciting new features, improvements and new presets are free of charge for all existing Mistika VR Users as a part of the SGO Loyalty Rewards Program. New Features: Official Apple ProRes support. The support for ProRes formats is highly improved, both in terms of speed and metadata, using the latest new Apple ProRes SDK. EXR DWA support on Mistika VR. EXR DWA. This is an image format developed by ILM and mainly used as an intermediate format for VFX workflows. Probably the most popular variant is DWA (created by DreamWorks Animation). It is an image sequence (one frame per file), which makes it ideal for many VFX workflows, and in fact, most VFX applications support this format. A difference to movie files it can be rendered in parallel (several render nodes working together to render the same clip) with render managers like Smedge, Deadline, or Mistika Ultima BatchManager. Also, it can be partially “patched” when needed (as a difference, “movie” files need to be rewritten completely). This permits an interesting workflow for Mistika VR users: You can render the first stitch for initial review (for example with Mistika Boutique or Mistika Review products) and then adjust and re-render only the parts containing fixes. To do that just put the edit marks in the area to fix and render with the same name, so Mistika will only overwrite the selected frames. (obviously, this technique only works as long as you do not need to move the horizon or other geometry settings anymore) Another advantage of the EXR format is that it supports 16bit per channel, which makes it ideal for HDR workflows and for high-end cameras in general. EXR DWA provides definable compression, with the default compression value (45) it is considered a “Lossless” format, even for high-end cameras. The EXR DWA format is CPU intensive, but as a difference to jpg, this format is fast to encode and to playback, being possible to playback in Mistika applications at 4K when having decent CPUs. Another EXR variant of common usage is EXR ZIP. This is made by compressing the original image to ZIP format internally ( the ZIP compression is not only lossless but also fully reversible). But It is much slower and less efficient in terms of file sizes when compared to DWA, so it is only recommended when explicitly required by a VFX department. Improvements: Importing the KanDao calibration no longer requires applying a preset first. Using the Insta360 calibration tool no longer requires applying a preset first. New Presets: Preset for Vuze Plus added. Preset for ZCam V1Pro added. Preset for Insta360 Pro2 preset added. Preset for Kandao at 1900x1500 resolution added. Fixes: 1565 Changing frame rate with Mistika VR running wasn’t changing the frame rate for the renders. 1588 PtGui was showing an error message when sending images from an unnamed timeline. 1659 Import Kandao calibration tool wasn’t working when merging sequences. 1774 The zCam V1 preset ought to be renamed to V1 Pro. 1968 When creating a project with a name that contained upper & lower case characters and exceeded a certain length, it had been recognized as not valid. 1978 The Relink window was not accessible when changing a project with offline media. 1991 Inject Spatial Media Metadata was not working properly with 'bitrate' codecs (VLC-proper issue). Metadata was present in a generated video but VLC didn’t use it. Our tests generated movies with PotPlayer (https://potplayer.daum.net/) which correctly interpreted the Stereo and 3D information. 2009 When drag & drop any kind of media from the Windows browser to Mistika VR, the media was moved to the Trash. This was Windows-proper issue, where those modifiers act in that way. 2031 Autopano executable could not be linked in the stitch configuration window. 2051 Import of BMP files was causing a few issues. 2056 The mosaic view was showing still images incorrectly. 2087 ‘Save a single image’ tool was not saving the images in the current project. 2089 Import from PtGui 11: If the Lens type was other than Full Frame Fisheye, the results shown were incorrect. 2090 It was not possible to use drag & drop function to load Autopano Projects. 2091 When setting One Input view mode, the Visual Editor controls were not working properly. 2097 The Message shown when render encoder fails was misleading. 2111 KanDao metadata import was not setting all necessary parameters. 2112 Insta360 Pro calibration was not setting all necessary parameters. 2113 Troubles when sending more than 14 images to PTGui or Autopano. 2124 The link to the Forums in the Help Menu wasn’t correct. 2145 When rendering with the command line an incorrect resolution was assigned. 2170 For Top-Bottom media (Yi Horizon) the crop circle size overlay was drawing an incorrect size. 2172 The “pixel ratio” was working inversely between Mistika VR and Mistika Boutique.
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