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  1. The latest presets can be download from the presets forum: https://forums.sgo.es/forums/index.php?/forum/46-rig-presets/
  2. It looks like a permissions issue. You may need to login in your account before you can download those links
  3. Hi guys, The VR 360 tutorials for Mistika Boutique are here: VR 360 Workflows in Mistika Ultima & Boutique
  4. test2, this is a test , please ignore..
  5. The key aspect is the GPU, I suppose your rig has 6 cameras and you want stereo at high resolution. The GPU will be critical for this. Then, the PC2 and PC3 sound better, as the 1070 should be faster than the 980. As you want highest resolution I would aslo recommend a bit more RAM, also because it is not a expensive component. 32GB should be fine. Regarding the GPU, a better option would be a gforce 1080 ti, but it depends on your budget, the 1080 ti is faster but logically more expensive. Also please note that if you use a very fast GPU you will also need a CPU that can keep the rythm during the render. A particular case that requires hi spec CPU is rendering to Prores, which is a slow format and the CPU will need to be decoding the camera files and encoding to Prores at the same time. In that particular situation, having a top spec GPU with a slow CPU could transfer the bottleneck from the GPU to the CPU. Meanwhile, if you plan to render with the NVidia encoder then an average CPU model is enough One more detail. If you plan to render to compressed formats (mpeg4, h264/h265, Prores) then that's all you need. But if you need to render to uncompressed formats like DPX then you may want to pay attention to the hard disk, use a fast model or a decent SSD.
  6. They are the coefficients of a third degree polynomial. MistikaVR uses uses same formula as PTGUI for compatibility. Here it is a description: http://www.ptgui.com/ptguihelp/main_lens.htm In few words, each one is related with the distortion in the outer, middle, and center areas of the lense.
  7. The 2.9 fps sounds normal for that specs, but it also depends on the complexity of the scenes. The complexity depends on these aspects, from top to down: - The activation of Optical Flow. This is the most complex process of all. - The number of cameras and their total aggregated resolution - The render resolution and the render codec. In general, those processes need these resources: - Most of the processing in Mistika VR is made by GPU: Geometry adjustments, Color adjustments, Optical Flow (which is typically the bottleneck), etc. Then, the GPU is the most critical component. - The processes that are let to CPUs are only the decoding of camera codecs and encoding of the render codec. With the exception of uncompressed codecs and the NVidia codecs in the particular case of Windows. Then, if you see low CPU usage while rendering it is probably because the GPU is acting as a bottleneck, and a faster GPU would be recommended. But if you see very high usage of CPU while rendering, then the image codecs are the bottleneck. Selecting an easier codec for test renders may help , or if you have an SSD or a fast disk array you could use an uncompressed formats to save CPU resources. In general, most of the render panel options are auto explicative. Except the Add to render queue button, for which there is this document in the knowledge base Regards, Javier
  8. Hola Alfonso. La manera fácil de ejecutar una lista de trabajos de render en Batch es añadir multiples escenas al mismo timeline, y luego al dar a render seleccionar la opción All Shots. ¿Es esto lo que no te funciona? En cambio, si lo que estás intentando usar el botón "Add To Render Queue" (por favor confirma) ese botón no es para gestionar los render con Mistika VR sino para integrar con programas de gestión de render de otros fabricantes. Por ejemplo Smedge ( es gratis para la primera máquina o número de horas, por si lo quieres probar). Su uso se explica en la knowledge base de la sección Tribe->Support , en este artículo: https://support.sgo.es/solution/articles/1000253968-integration-with-external-render-farms-add-to-render-queue- Saludos, Javier
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