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  1. A preset for the DJI Mavic 2 Zoom (25 stills panorama) now available. As the drone is not entirely precise while pointing in the 25 directions, every shot needs to be individually adjusted. To use the preset, -Drag the folder containing the 25 stills into MistikaVR Choose "Import files as individual images". -Apply the attached preset -Toggle the "proxy" mode (rightmost button of the tools bar) for faster calibration: We are using a lot of high resolution images here! -Use the "Improve Angles" tool. Do not use "improve offsets", as all the shots are actually made by the same rotating camera and the lens center offset should not differ from each other. This may be relatively slow, 10 or more seconds. You could use the "Improve Angles" more than once if the images did not yet align well. -Switch the "Proxy" off for full resolution. -Switch the Options->"Optical Flow" on. Thanks to Błażej Krajczewski for the calibration samples. Dji_Mavic2Zoom_25ShotsPano_4000x3000.grp
  2. A preset for the Insta360 OneX2 camera is now available. To optimize the generic preset for a specific rig unit, apply the preset, and: -Center the two crop circles -Use the "Improve Angles" tool. Thanks to Hugh Hou for the calibration samples. Insta360OneX2.grp
  3. A preset for the Teche 360Anywhere camera is now available. To optimize it for a specific rig unit, apply the preset, and: -Center each of the four crop circles. -Use the "Improve Angles" tool. Thanks to Teche for the calibration samples. Teche360Anywhere.grp
  4. Preset for the PANONO camera is now available. Apply the preset, then use the "Improve Offsets" and "Improve Angles", then activate the Optical Flow toggle. Thanks to Roel van der Baan and Gavin Farrel for providing media samples. Panono.grp
  5. Presets for the new EVO model available, for both VR180-3D and VR360 modes of use. Use "Improve Offsets" and "Improve Angles" on it. Insta360EVO_VR360.grpInsta360EVO_VR180_3D.grp
  6. Use the "Improve offsets" and "Improve Angles" to adjust for a specific camera unit. Thanks to Alexandre Regeffe for the calibration sample! ZCamV1Pro.grp
  7. Here are the presets fro Insta360Pro2. Typicaly, use them as a starting point for the "Use Insta360 calibrate" function. Insta360Pro2_3840x1920.grp Insta360Pro2_3840x2880.grp
  8. Thanks to Damián Turkieh and his company Realidad 360 Argentina for the calibration sample! 360Rize_SeaDak.grp
  9. Apply the preset, and apply "Improve Offsets" and "Improve Angle"s on it. Alternatively, center the lens centers manually and apply only the "Improve Angles". PiSoftTech_PilotEra.grp
  10. There is a preset for Insta360 One X. Use "Improve Offsets" and "Improve Angles" after applying it. Thanks to Hugh Hou for providing the calibration shot set. Insta360OneX.grp
  11. Here are the presets for the KanDao Quoocam, for both VR360 and VR3D180 modes. QuooCam.tar
  12. Hi Thorsten, Normaly, the presets we publish separately, are comming with the next full build of Mistika published. So, the most modern one is the one in the current Mistika 8.8.6 you can download from SGO web page. The resolution difference you mention should not make much difference - it is probably a small crop applied. We should create exact preset for this new resolution. The "Improve angles" tool should be able to easily compensate for a 2% difference. If the difference were larger, we would need to create a separate preset. Cheers, Roman
  13. Use is the standard one: Apply Improve Offsets, and Improve Angles. Alternatively, tweak the lens centers manually, and use the "Improve Angles" only. Thanks to Carlos Chegado for the calibration sample! ZCamS1_2704x1520.zip
  14. Drop the two eyes lips. Use the preset. Then, use Improve Offsets (once) and Improve Angles (once). ZCamK1_2880x2880-1.zip
  15. Use the preset. Then, use Improve Offsets (once) and Improve Angles (once). Thanks to Bryan Socha for the media sample. ZCamK1_2880x2880.zip
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