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  1. Also, using the ZCam K1 2880x2880 preset, the VR stitch doesn't work the same as the previous version of Boutique. The focal length is interpreted incorrectly.
  2. I am using dual 4K HP Dreamcolor z31 monitors and can't use the app with GUI Scaling on (which makes everything so tiny, it's difficult to work). Opening the app gives an error about the monitors not being the same resolution (which is false). Unchecking GUI scaling allows me to use two monitors, however, whenever I click on a popup UI, the whole program freezes and i have to force exit.
  3. Thanks Miguel! Although I'd love any beta as soon as possible, since it's a major issue for me at the moment.
  4. Any update on fixing that H264/H265 write error bug? It's mucking up my whole workflow ?
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