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  1. Yes the Comp3D can perform a similar calculation. There is a 'math' tab in the visual editor for the Comp3D node, this has a parameter for 'speed' to ensure your move does so in whole pixels. The equation is (100/vertical resolution) x (pixel per frame) x 200 so a 4ppf roll in a 1080 project would be (100/1080) x 4 x 200 = 74.07%. Highlight the position Y parameter in the layer of your file and type in the speed percentage of 74.07 in the speed box in the math tab and you will have your move rolling at whole pixels as defined in the equation. This is also assuming you have pre-calulated the duration required for the roll of the size of the file you have created, in the case above of a 4ppf roll. If you have created a file of 1920x23000 you would take the 23000+1080 (the vertical resolution of your project)/4 (the required pixel per frame) which makes a duration of 6020 frames. Hopefully that makes sense!
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  2. Thanks Rob that’s a grate thing to discover Cheers Yoav
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  3. Great discussion, will have to play with the title tool more. For similar reasons, my current go-to is designing the titles in Illustrator (a bit more text layout control than Photoshop), and then drop it into a Fusion animation to convert it to a ProRes4444 file that can be imported. In Fusion it was easy to create an expression for the Y coordinate that moves in even pixels. That's always the crux of animating an externally designed titles. In Fusion you can put this expression into the Y axis of a transform node: 'time * 0.0005 - 0.5' if you're crawl was 2000 frames long as an example. And you would make your external graphic an even multiple of the frame count, either 2x, 3x, or 4x. Is that something that Mistika can do - express values as expression that reference other data? Haven't had a chance yet to dive deeper into the Comp3D tool beyond applying alpha channels. But being able to do all the animation and even some text inside Mistika speeds things up rather than switching between multiple apps.
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