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How to: Custom resolution


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Here is a quick guide on how to move away from the "preset" resolutions that we can find in MistikaVR graphical interface. To work on a custom resolution is as simple as editing a text file, which is hold inside your projects folder.

  1. Using your OS file browser, navigate to the project folder.
    • Win defaluts to: C:Users#user#name#DocumentsSGOVR_WORK
    • Mac defaults to: /Users/Shared/SGO/VR-ENV/WORK
  2. Navigate into the project you want to modify.
  3. Edit the file ".VRPresets_#ProjectName#" with a text editor.
    • Mac users: The file is hidden, you will need to show hidden files. You can google it as it varies depending on the MacOS version.
  4.  Change the lines MISTIKA_RESX, MISIKA_RESY and MISTIKA_VIDEO_FORMAT to your X and Y resolution.
    • For 5840x2920 resolution it should look like this:
      • Captura de pantalla 2017-07-11 11.09.37
  5. Save the file
  6. Reopen the project in MistikaVR and you will be working on that custom resolution. You can check it in the title bar
  7. If you want to go back to a "normal" resolution you can do it from the Project Manager inside MistikaVR
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i tried this with current version of Mistika (8.8.6) on Mac High Sierra and had no success: i found hidden file, change resolution to 3840x3840 (i have pre-stitched with insta360 stitcher footage which i want to stabilize in Mistika) but when i open my project i get VRPresets file reverted to default values and no change in my project. If i set file to read-only Mistika does not overwrite it but still uses default values and ignore my override. What am i doing wrong?

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