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What is new in Mistika VR 10.10

Melanie Diaz

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Hi everyone!

The latest release of Mistika VR introduces extended functionality of Mistika VR Connect, adding an array of enhancements tailored specifically to empower creators working with 180º media. In additon, some improvements and new presets has been added to this version. You can now download this latest update directly from the Downloads section of your SGO Online Account. 🙂


New Features

  • VR 180º Mode in Mistika VR Connect.
  • Align Mode added to Mistika VR Connect.
  • Autocalibrate 180º (GUI and Mistika VR Connect). Check out this TUTORIAL.
  • Meta Keyboard added to Mistika VR Connect.

Mistika VR Connect is an add-on application for Meta Quest 2 headset. With Mistika VR Connect you’re able to stitch 360º and now 180º VR media directly in Meta Quest 2 headset, using some of the most popular features of Mistika VR. This innovative application allows you to manipulate your stitches to perfection and speeds up feedback cycles by providing (remote) VR output for your clients or team members in real-time. 

To see how to set up the connection between Mistika VR desktop host application and Mistika VR Connect, see this TUTORIAL.

You can get Mistika VR Connect app by clicking GO PLAY.

Features included to Mistika VR Connect:

  • Autocalibrate 180º
  • Align Mode
  • Meta Keyboard
  • Mistika VR essentials: Improve Offsets, Improve Angels, Match Color, Match Color in time
  • Color Management, Edge Points, Camera Yaw, Pitch and Roll parameters 
  • Camera temperature exposure and tint controls



  • Loading information in Mistika VR Connect (Windows).
  • Enhanced streaming quality in Mistika VR Connect.


New Presets

  • Insta360 OneRS 1 Inch with Leica Lens.
  • KanDao QooCam 3.


Bugs Fixed

  • Render Directory can now correctly create two new folders with Tokens.
  • Fixed Quick View mode.
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