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What is new in Mistika Workflows 10.8.1

Melanie Diaz

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Hi all,

A new version of Mistika Workflows is now available including new features, new nodes and many other improvements. You can already download this version from the 'Downloadssection of your Online SGO Account.


New Features:

  • Import/add MWF file.
  • First Frame From added to sequence transcoders.
  • First Frame Number added to sequence transcoders.
  • New RND directory property added to RND File node.
  • Multilayer render formats added to EXR node.
  • Lock option added to the nodes. 
  • Bypass option added to the nodes.
  • AV Audio property added to transcoders.
  • Source property added to CDL Grade node.
  • Export CDL property added to transcoders. Extracted CC Files work as SideCar files.
  • New EDL to CC node to extract CDL information from an EDL.
  • New EDL Comparison mode to compare VFX EDLs.
  • ShotGrid Integration.
  • New ShotGrid CSV Reader node to gather information from ShotGrid.
  • Audio Router functionality.
  • Audio Extract functionality.
  • Full Parent Folder token added.
  • EDL Base Name token added.
  • Create Review Link property added to Frame.io node.
  • Retries property added in FTP node.
  • Handles property added to Conform Filter node.
  • Conform Filter trim clips based in/out information in EDL/AAF/XML.
  • Conform Filter extract Locators/Markers and CDL information from EDL/AAF/XML (this information can be applied in the next process).



  • Python 3 support added.
  • RAW debayers updated.
  • ffmpeg6 updated.
  • Conform Filter accepts multiple inputs.
  • Reorder tabs option.
  • Output connector added to Frame.io node.
  • MultiTrack Audio added in transcoders.
  • Improved Classify by Metadata node with new options and with better metadata integration.


New nodes:

  • ACES InvODT.
  • Audio Router.
  • Avi MP4.
  • Change Name Convention.
  • Classify By Aspect Ratio.
  • DCP Report.
  • EDL Edit Changes.
  • EDL To CC.
  • EDL To Markers.
  • EDL Reference.
  • Extract Audio Channels.
  • Failed UP.
  • MPEG.
  • MP3.
  • Object Matrix In and Out.
  • OneDrive Out.
  • Quick Prototype.
  • ShotGrid CSV Reader.
  • ShotGrid Create.
  • Tag FPS.
  • UniColor.
  • XML to XLS.
  • WMV.



  • Display Filters in Transcode node are now working correctly.
  • LUT 3D in Transcode node is now working properly.
  • Correct writing of TC in Drop Frame EXR Transcoder.
  • RAF Files can now be processed correctly.
  • Global Config is now working correctly.
  • Classify nodes can now be pasted properly.
  • TagFPS node works properly with sequential files.
  • Tokens can now be accurately set. The system automatically detects the spelling even when the tokens are written in capital letters.
  • Enable Frame Range property in transcoder nodes now works correctly.
  • Improved the Export Single Frame menu in sequential files.
  • Edit Metadata node works properly when the “inFile” option is selected.
  • Enhanced Connectors when “classify” nodes are copied.
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