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Changing POV of a 360 video in post

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I just bought a insta360 and one of my shots is too low (camera on the ground) and the subject of the shot is too close. I understand I cannot change the shot in post, but is there a way in Mystika where I can (1) or zoom the shot out a bit or (2) elevate the POV a little bit? 
Kind regards
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Hi Ken,

Thanks a lot for reaching out!

You can try to modify the Yaw/Pitch/Roll parameters on the output camera panel. In this way you will be able to modify your front or repositioning your shot.

This tutorial may help you:


To zoom in/out your camera, you can change the mapping to "planar rectilinear" in your output camera tab, and then, you´ll be able to set your focal lengh (But remember that you´ll lost some parts of the image.

Have a nice day!


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