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What is new in Mistika VR 10.6

Melanie Diaz

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Hi everyone!

We have released a new version of Mistika VR introducing a magic autocalibrate tool and immersive stitching in the Meta Quest 2 headset. You can now download this latest update directly from the Downloads section of your SGO Online Account🙂


New Features

  • Mistika VR Connect add-on application for Meta Quest 2 headset. With Mistika VR Connect you’re able to stitch 360º VR media directly in Meta Quest 2 headset, using some of the most popular features of Mistika VR. This innovative application allows you to manipulate your stitches to perfection and speeds up feedback cycles by providing (remote) VR output for your clients or team members in real-time. 

To see how to set up the connection between Mistika VR desktop host application and Mistika VR Connect, see this TUTORIAL.

You can get Mistika VR Connect app by clicking GO PLAY.

Features included to Mistika VR Connect:

  • Autocalibrate tool
  • Mistika VR essentials: Improve Offsets, Improve Angels, Match Color, Match Color in time
  • Color Management, Edge Points, Camera Yaw, Pitch and Roll parameters 
  • Camera temperature exposure and tint controls 

Check out this TUTORIAL to discover Mistika VR Connect functionality in detail. 


  • Autocalibrate Tool. A new feature based on global stitching optimization, capable of calculating lens distortion and focal lengths of individual cameras, in addition of their sensor offsets and heading angles whose calibration was already supported by the "improve offsets/angles" features. The autocalibrate feature is specially beneficial for 3D stitching, as it produces much better vertical alignment of the stereoscopic view. 
  • Dynamic tokens and tags support. New tokens system enabling tag autofill in name convention. Select among several different tokens, such as resolution, color space or framerate and they’ll be part of the destination path or render name. These tokens can be added by using square brackets [example]. When you create the first bracket you get a drop-down menu with the different tokens, write or select the one you want and the bracket will close automatically.
  • Custom Render Crop Options (180º x 180º Equirectangular). Output resolution customization depending on where our project will be projected - virtual set, dome, immersive room, etc.
  • Spherical Transform. With the YAW, Pitch and Roll parameters we can now orientate the part of the image that we want to be displayed in the final render.
  • CDL Grade for the Input Cameras  - A new menu found in the Camera Controls panel, enabling primary colour grading operations for each of our cameras individually controlling offset, power, slope and saturation.
  • Orientation Metadata Integration. This new feature detects camera position at which the media was recorded, by taking into account the metadata of the camera's gravity sensor and its orientation.
  • Contact Sheet. Enabling the mosaic export from all the cameras we have in our sequence. This new option can be found in the Apply section of the Render options. When the Contact Sheet is activated in the Visual Editor we can only see the Mosaic view.
  • User-defined Timecode/Frame display and processing. This functionality allows us to choose the Output/Render timecode of our Project and lets us work with the needed timecode in the Visual Editor.
  • User adjust Camera Layer Order. New order system between layers. One way to understand this new functionality is considering Mistika VR as a layer system, where all the cameras are placed in the level 0 by default (the stitch level). With this new feature the user can move the cameras up and down as overlays, changing the layer order of each camera.



  • Gyroscope Metadata Insta360 Pro 2 support in audio.mp4 file 


Fixed Bugs

  • Switching cameras in the Clip Stack now displays the image appropriately in the interface 
  • MP4 NVidia movie frame rate is now working correctly
  • Out/Input Gamma now works properly when using the mouse wheel
  • Fixed Black GUI with AMD
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