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Editing capabilities?


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I'm an all-round editor/grader/compositor for about 10 years now and a typical avid/premiere/resolve user (mostly resolve lately). and after seeing someone talking about Mistika and it's features, i was quite suprised that i didn't even know this software exist. 

As i'm looking at it now, it looks like this is a grading/vfx app with some basic editing capabilities, and a very interesting timeline setup. The reason i'm looking around is that i have a little bit of a bad feeling about resolve as the editing/fusion part is really getting clunkier every release, and some basic editing functions are just lacking, or just buggy, like, crucial bugs as disappearing audio dissolves, unreliable MXF delivery, and i can go on for a while. Anyway, with all the resolve experience i have now, it doesn't look like this is getting attention anytime soon, despite all the people claiming it's speedy development. The color grading part is still great, but even there it introduced quite some very annoying bugs. Well, to sum it up, i kinda want to bail, if there are good alternatives.  Recently i tried the old fashioned way again with dedicated editing apps like premiere and avid, but the round-tripping.. bleh, didn't really miss it. I got spoiled by resolve for that matter.

I'm wondering if there are any plans to make more editing and maybe even mixing tools in Mistika to make it more of a full-featured editor? or is it already? Are there people here with a similar experience?

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Thanks for your insterest in Mistika! We are really proud of being the only ones in the market that offers a real native integration between editing, color and VFX as we have made all the features instead of trying to adapt external tools and build bridges between all of them. It's one of the key features of Mistika, and one of the strongest points of the software.

Having said that, Mistika is a finishing software, so we normally focus more in some areas like color and VFX and a bit less in editing functionalities or audio features. What we always try to do is to make the communication between the different departments or softwares in the smoothest way. For example we have included a new automatic VFX import system that removes the need of import and place manually the different versions of external VFXs,

 For the editing we work in the same direction, supporting as many conform files as we can (optimizing the process with some advanced tools), and making the round-trip between Mistika an editing softwares as simple as possible. Maybe in the future we will add more editing features, but at this moment we work in that direction, as most of our clients have a fixed and solid editorial environment  (with AVID being the most common software).

Audio mixing tools are out of that roadmap at this moment, to be honest. In Mistika you basically bring the audio from other tools, place it below your project in your timeline and that's it. But that audio is mixed out of Mistika. 

I hope this helps to answer some of your questions. If you need more info let me know.



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