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What is new in Mistika Boutique 10.2

Alba Manzanas

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Hi all,

A new version of Mistika Boutique is now available. This latest upgrade of Mistika 10 introduces new features contributing to enhanced HDR and color-managed workflows, updated SDK libraries, performance boost, ergonomic improvements... and so much more!

What is New in Mistika Boutique / Ultima 10.2?

This latest release is now available to all existing Mistika Boutique users at no additional cost and can be downloaded from their Online SGO Account.


New Features

  • Dolby Vision 4.0 Support with new Color GUI
    To see how Dolby Vision 4.0 works in Mistika Boutique and Ultima, have a look at this TUTORIAL
  • Support of Dolby Vision 4.0 has for Precision and Tangent color control panels
  • Enhanced functionality of Precision & Tangent panels
  • Blackmagic Generation 5 Color Science 
    A complete color-managed workflow with Blackmagic RAW files is now fully supported in Mistika Boutique and Ultima.
  • Updated SDK Libraries
    All the RAW formats have been updated to support the latest cameras. Also the support for new SDK R3D has been added.
  • Optimized Shape Management
     Faster tracking, animation and navigation have also been unlocked by optimizing Shape Management
  • Reorganized Unicolor Tool
    Organized by color space type, at the top of the Uniolor tool you can now see a Technical group, followed by Color Managed (ACES), Camera manufacturers, VR, SDR, DCI and HDR Output. 
  • Performance boost on Windows
    Users will notice up to three times faster rendering, interactivity and playback.
  • Vertical Stack Import
  • Updated SGO Activation Tool
    A new "Advanced->licStats" button is now available to show the current license status. This is useful for clients using floating licenses, as it permits to know which computers are using a license at that very moment (it shows their mac addresses). 
  • Automatic Audio Routing 
  • Updated Path Builder to replicate the original folder tree
    A new parentFoder(1..9) field now appears in the Path Builder, allowing the user to add selected folder names from the original media path at any place of the render path.
  • Support of new generation Nvidia Amper series


Known issues

  • Issues rendering MXF AVC Intra 200 P2 codec 

Fixed bugs and minor improvements

  • Checkerboard is now displayed correctly in the Visual Editor (Windows).
  • Files and folders containing “ñ” characters are now being properly displayed in the media browser (Windows). 
  • Lasso selection now properly activates the audio mixer.
  • Fixed E/R shortcuts when switching between eyes.
  • A folder with a set of separate images is now imported in alphabetical order when drag & dropped into the reel.
  • Fixed labelling with the white point in the Pivots Scope of Primaries.
  • Improved focus functionality when applying an FX preset into Color Grade Node.
  • Render presets can now be properly deleted in Mistika.
  • Fixed behaviour of default path in render preset when modifying the codec. 
  • Nvidia mp4 encoding defaults are now fixed.
  • A Framing node is now properly embedded when importing a consecutive number of files as “link as single images”.
  • The ‘Delete Key’ option is now fixed.
  • The shapes created with Tangent panels now keeps the modifications when the vector is changed.
  • Fixed navigation between modes in Tangent panels.
  • The Shape’s bounding box now remains when the shape is moved using the Tangent Panel.
  • Fixed Refresh when using Lift/Gamma/Gain RGB in Tangent.
  • The knobs Lift/Gamma/Gain RGB now work correctly with in/out keyframes.
  • The Jog reproduction is now correctly synchronized between Timespace and Visual Editor.
  • DNG files are now being read correctly in macOS.
  • Mistika can now properly read BRAW high-resolution files.
  • Fixed compatibility of Color Curves between Mistika 8 and Mistika 10 versions. 
  • Keyframes buttons in/out are now working correctly.
  • The XAVC (Sony library) codecs are now properly displayed in macOS.
  • Fixed Shape behaviour when working with the tracker panel.
  • Optimized GPU memory usage when rendering high-resolution BRAW media.
  • The focus functionality is now properly placed into a Curve when maximized.
  • The Visual Editor GUI is now being properly displayed when the Record monitor is in full-screen mode.
  • Improved Node Graph behaviour when working with one monitor.
  • Resolution as a Horizontal Value is now added in the Media Manager.
  • R3D is now working correctly with the NVidia GeForce RTX 30 series on Windows.
  • Fixed behaviour when resetting the embedded framing.
  • The Keyframe graph now works correctly with embedded framings.
  • The embedded framing parameters are now being properly copied in Mistika.
  • The Local/Stretch trim mode combination is now being saved correctly. 
  • Improved background renders of Avid DNX Movie.
  • Fixed exporting to DNxHR in 7680x4320 using a divided R3D file.
  • The .Ink FPS of Blackmagic RAW is now properly recognized.
  • 8K images are now properly displayed in the Visual Editor during batch render.
  • The Color Grade setup is now saved between sessions.
  • Fixed cache when modifying the color grade node.
  • Fixed audio issues when rendering to P8.
  • Improved shortcut ‘C’ when creating shapes.
  • Fixed Copy/Paste option for values.
  • An EDL can now be properly generated in macOS Catalina.
  • Fixed behaviour of Canon Log2 curve in Unicolor.
  • The ‘Show Overlay’ option is now ‘ON’ by default.
  • Keyframes are now properly shown in the Color Grade node when curves and the qualifier are animated.
  • Improved refresh option with Highlight mode when changing from Inside to Outside mode.
  • DVO Effects are now working correctly with Alpha Channel.
  • Fixed Blend Autokey functionality.
  • Improved Shapes when the resolution of the clip is different from the resolution of your project’s setting.
  • Keyframes are now shown correctly in the Color Grade node (Linux). 
  • Media Browser now properly displays the size of all windows.
  • Quicktime background render now works correctly. (Windows)
  • A single marker is now correctly created by pressing the ‘K’ button.
  • The source resolution in the embedded framing is now displayed properly (macOS).
  • DVO Clarity now correctly refreshes new color grading changes.
  • The Stereo 3D feature is no longer activated by default when the UHD preset is selected.
  • Fixed EDL tapes with clip files in VTR Capture.
  • DVO tools are now working properly when the subscription is renewed.
  • Render can now be launched properly with DNXHR 444/ Movie DNX 444 codec.
  • Fixed Copy/Paste values between Framings.
  • Fixed in/out keyframes when completely resetting the Color Grade node.
  • Avid DNX Movie now properly creates renders.
  • Fixed background render when selecting more than two clips.
  • Mistika Ultima now properly reads 8K DNxHR files.
  • Avid DNX Movie now properly creates renders.
  • The R3D images now are correctly displayed when using the keyfilter with CUDA-NEW SDK 
  • Duplicated R3D files are now rendered correctly. 
  • BRAW files are correctly displayed in the Storyboard thumbnails.
  • Mistika now reads Quicktime RLE. 
  • The new environments are properly read by Source monitor.
  • The Background render in MacOS does not display an error message when it is launched.
  • Fixed batch capturing (Linux). 
  • Fixed labeling of Tangent ARC navigation panel.
  • Improved support of new generation Nvidia Amper series.
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