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  1. Hi everyone, A new release of Mistika Workflows is now available. This latest upgrade introduces many new and improved functionalities, additional task and input nodes and several other exciting enhancements throughout the software. What is New in Mistika Workflows 10.2.1? Here is the complete list of new features, and improvements made to this new version: Complex media delivery packages (“Megapacks”) New support for Panasonic 8KP2 media packs, including import/export from/to P2 and 8KP2 cards, XML metadata modification, P2 serial number assignment, and copying to multiple (x5) 8KP2 cards according to the 8KP2 standard. Also with capabilities for joining media packs and the option for generating tapeName from Panasonic user bit data. Creation of ADI v1.1 and ADI v3.1 (SkyADI) media delivery packages (client customizable nodes) Support for Sony XDROOT as an input node. New codec support Panasonic AVC intra: Import / Export MXF XAVC: Import / Export BRAW: Blackmagic RAW files Import .ts and .m2t import Flow control New Auto Trigger node: A periodic timer to trigger the execution of pending workflows via definable time interval. New Serialize inputs node: To send multiple input nodes to a single task node, avoiding the need of duplicating the whole pipeline. “Add Root” property added to the Watcher node (active by default). When active, it permits to keep the original folder tree structure of the incoming files, passing the full paths to the next nodes. Not otherwise. “Delete after processing” property added to the Watcher node, for automatic deletion of input files once the workflow has been completed. Render Logs are now created on separate files, including the date/time of creation in their names. Name Convention Highly improved Name Convention, with support for additional syntax fields extracted from media metadata (Tape Name, Color Space, …) Now a different Name Convention can be applied to each workflow. Encoding nodes now include the addTimeStamp option within the properties panel. Name Convention can be also defined on Input nodes. File transfer nodes FTP: New properties “Delete After Transfer” (and “Are You Sure”), “Include / Exclude”, “New Files Only”. Also a RenameFileList for automatic renaming options. Aspera Client: New targetRate property, allowing the user to define how much bandwidth he wants to dedicate to Aspera file transfers. There is also a new SSL Certificate login property, and a new RenameFileList property for automatic renaming. RAW extraction from camera formats Camera RAW nodes (ARRI/R3D/Canon/Sony..) now have a Debayer (From file/ Custom) property, to select between using default debayering extraction or custom settings. Transcoding nodes The interlaced property now also supports “From Input” Transcoding nodes are now able to overwrite clip’s TC. All transcoding nodes now allow changing the Tape Name in the Properties panel. “Drop Frame/Non Drop Frame/Auto” property added to transcoding nodes. Common resolution presets added to transcoding nodes. Miscellaneous New display filter “Watermark'' easy to customize at workflow execution time, either by using a .CSV file (pyCSVtoDFILT node) or by filling the Header/Body/Footer text properties (pyWatermarkCfg node). Python source code is provided to serve as an example about how to modify display filters. ConcatXLS: Merges various XLS files in one. XLS is a popular format for asset management but usually comes in multiple .xls files, and this node permits to concat all of them. Retimer added to transcoders unlocking three new ways of the frame rate modification and conversion. Important Note: Python Libraries are now compatible with macOS Mojave.
  2. Hi everyone, An upgraded version of Mistika Boutique is now available with Dual Output for Dolby Vision FX, a new “Switch to second video track” option added to Macros... and so much more! Here is the complete list of new features, and improvements made to this new version: New features Dual Output for Dolby Vision FX enabling the Dolby Vision FX to be applied in only one monitor with original media being displayed in the other one. A new “Switch to second video track” option added to Macros, displaying the video tracks that are hidden in some cameras, such as Qoocam or Vuze for example. Fixes Fixed “TC Rules”/Timeline TC in the output tab. Improved behaviour of the qualifier. R3D folder structure is now recognized correctly, so the Media Browser can be used accordingly to import R3D files. (Tangent) Shapes are now being displayed in the correct vector. Audio parameters can now be propagated correctly between clips. Shapes are no longer being eliminated when deleting a parameter. Shape points can now be moved individually when the tracking is complete. Alexa Mini mxf files can now be read correctly. Fixed focus behaviour when copy/paste in Color grade. Fixed rendering of the Mainconcept AVC Intra 200 P2 codec. TC in audio clip is now being kept correctly when audio and video are separated by A/V break. The Timeline TC is now correctly refreshed when navigating by using the shortcuts Next/Prev Edit. The default option of the embedded Scope in Color grade is now correctly set to input. The selector to change the LUT is now always visible in the Time editor. Fixed behaviour of the Precision color control panel when performing tracking and navigating to Fixed Vectors. Fixed behaviour of the Precision panel when using the ring to modify the Hexagon values. Cache color indicator is now being refreshed in a cached clip when the color grade is modified. EDL files containing characters with accents now work properly. Fixed re-analysis functionality in Dolby Vision FX. Fixed an issue related to a split in the SDI output when a P2 file was displayed. Fixed Copy/Paste functionality: users are now able to correctly copy and paste shapes and grades between shots. French accents are now correctly displayed in EDL files. Fixed moving around the Timespace’s tracker tab to proceed one frame only. The cursor in Qualifier is now displayed properly. Fixed rendering of DNxHR 444 format. Mistika can now read .ts and .m2t files properly. The list of loaded LUTs in the color grade is now correctly saved. The default result size is not affecting the cache behavior anymore. The “Undo” command now works correctly in “Offset” and “Contrast” mode. The Keyframe Graph is not affected anymore by zoom-ing in when the visual editor is zoomed by the arrow keys. Fixed behaviour of the Zoom-in functionality in Visual Editor when the Keyframe Graph is open. Non Drop frames in Phantom formats are now properly recognized.
  3. Hi everyone! We have released an upgraded version of Mistika VR. You can download now this new version from your Online SGO Account. New features KanDao 60 fps resolutions: 5616x2012 and 6016x2012 support Fixes Fixed move interface between different resolution monitors.
  4. Hi everyone, An upgraded version of the industry’s favourite VR stitching solution Mistika VR is now available, adding PTGui 12 integration and support of Kandao’s latest camera, the Obsidian Pro. This latest release is now available to all existing Mistika VR users at no additional cost and can be downloaded from their Online SGO Account. New features Support for KanDao Obsidian Pro Integration and support for PTGui Fixes Fixed “Source Name” option when rendering ZCam media.
  5. Hi all, A new version of Mistika Boutique is now available. This latest upgrade of Mistika 10 introduces new features contributing to enhanced HDR and color-managed workflows, updated SDK libraries, performance boost, ergonomic improvements... and so much more! What is New in Mistika Boutique / Ultima 10.2? This latest release is now available to all existing Mistika Boutique users at no additional cost and can be downloaded from their Online SGO Account. New Features Dolby Vision 4.0 Support with new Color GUI To see how Dolby Vision 4.0 works in Mistika Boutique and Ultima, have a look at this TUTORIAL. Support of Dolby Vision 4.0 has for Precision and Tangent color control panels Enhanced functionality of Precision & Tangent panels Blackmagic Generation 5 Color Science A complete color-managed workflow with Blackmagic RAW files is now fully supported in Mistika Boutique and Ultima. Updated SDK Libraries All the RAW formats have been updated to support the latest cameras. Also the support for new SDK R3D has been added. Optimized Shape Management Faster tracking, animation and navigation have also been unlocked by optimizing Shape Management Reorganized Unicolor Tool Organized by color space type, at the top of the Uniolor tool you can now see a Technical group, followed by Color Managed (ACES), Camera manufacturers, VR, SDR, DCI and HDR Output. Performance boost on Windows Users will notice up to three times faster rendering, interactivity and playback. Vertical Stack Import Updated SGO Activation Tool A new "Advanced->licStats" button is now available to show the current license status. This is useful for clients using floating licenses, as it permits to know which computers are using a license at that very moment (it shows their mac addresses). Automatic Audio Routing Updated Path Builder to replicate the original folder tree A new parentFoder(1..9) field now appears in the Path Builder, allowing the user to add selected folder names from the original media path at any place of the render path. Support of new generation Nvidia Amper series Known issues Issues rendering MXF AVC Intra 200 P2 codec Fixed bugs and minor improvements Checkerboard is now displayed correctly in the Visual Editor (Windows). Files and folders containing “ñ” characters are now being properly displayed in the media browser (Windows). Lasso selection now properly activates the audio mixer. Fixed E/R shortcuts when switching between eyes. A folder with a set of separate images is now imported in alphabetical order when drag & dropped into the reel. Fixed labelling with the white point in the Pivots Scope of Primaries. Improved focus functionality when applying an FX preset into Color Grade Node. Render presets can now be properly deleted in Mistika. Fixed behaviour of default path in render preset when modifying the codec. Nvidia mp4 encoding defaults are now fixed. A Framing node is now properly embedded when importing a consecutive number of files as “link as single images”. The ‘Delete Key’ option is now fixed. The shapes created with Tangent panels now keeps the modifications when the vector is changed. Fixed navigation between modes in Tangent panels. The Shape’s bounding box now remains when the shape is moved using the Tangent Panel. Fixed Refresh when using Lift/Gamma/Gain RGB in Tangent. The knobs Lift/Gamma/Gain RGB now work correctly with in/out keyframes. The Jog reproduction is now correctly synchronized between Timespace and Visual Editor. DNG files are now being read correctly in macOS. Mistika can now properly read BRAW high-resolution files. Fixed compatibility of Color Curves between Mistika 8 and Mistika 10 versions. Keyframes buttons in/out are now working correctly. The XAVC (Sony library) codecs are now properly displayed in macOS. Fixed Shape behaviour when working with the tracker panel. Optimized GPU memory usage when rendering high-resolution BRAW media. The focus functionality is now properly placed into a Curve when maximized. The Visual Editor GUI is now being properly displayed when the Record monitor is in full-screen mode. Improved Node Graph behaviour when working with one monitor. Resolution as a Horizontal Value is now added in the Media Manager. R3D is now working correctly with the NVidia GeForce RTX 30 series on Windows. Fixed behaviour when resetting the embedded framing. The Keyframe graph now works correctly with embedded framings. The embedded framing parameters are now being properly copied in Mistika. The Local/Stretch trim mode combination is now being saved correctly. Improved background renders of Avid DNX Movie. Fixed exporting to DNxHR in 7680x4320 using a divided R3D file. The .Ink FPS of Blackmagic RAW is now properly recognized. 8K images are now properly displayed in the Visual Editor during batch render. The Color Grade setup is now saved between sessions. Fixed cache when modifying the color grade node. Fixed audio issues when rendering to P8. Improved shortcut ‘C’ when creating shapes. Fixed Copy/Paste option for values. An EDL can now be properly generated in macOS Catalina. Fixed behaviour of Canon Log2 curve in Unicolor. The ‘Show Overlay’ option is now ‘ON’ by default. Keyframes are now properly shown in the Color Grade node when curves and the qualifier are animated. Improved refresh option with Highlight mode when changing from Inside to Outside mode. DVO Effects are now working correctly with Alpha Channel. Fixed Blend Autokey functionality. Improved Shapes when the resolution of the clip is different from the resolution of your project’s setting. Keyframes are now shown correctly in the Color Grade node (Linux). Media Browser now properly displays the size of all windows. Quicktime background render now works correctly. (Windows) A single marker is now correctly created by pressing the ‘K’ button. The source resolution in the embedded framing is now displayed properly (macOS). DVO Clarity now correctly refreshes new color grading changes. The Stereo 3D feature is no longer activated by default when the UHD preset is selected. Fixed EDL tapes with clip files in VTR Capture. DVO tools are now working properly when the subscription is renewed. Render can now be launched properly with DNXHR 444/ Movie DNX 444 codec. Fixed Copy/Paste values between Framings. Fixed in/out keyframes when completely resetting the Color Grade node. Avid DNX Movie now properly creates renders. Fixed background render when selecting more than two clips. Mistika Ultima now properly reads 8K DNxHR files. Avid DNX Movie now properly creates renders. The R3D images now are correctly displayed when using the keyfilter with CUDA-NEW SDK Duplicated R3D files are now rendered correctly. BRAW files are correctly displayed in the Storyboard thumbnails. Mistika now reads Quicktime RLE. The new environments are properly read by Source monitor. The Background render in MacOS does not display an error message when it is launched. Fixed batch capturing (Linux). Fixed labeling of Tangent ARC navigation panel. Improved support of new generation Nvidia Amper series.
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